Lefty Finds a Home

The pen in my kitchen is empty.  It’s a little sad.  Ever since just after Christmas I’ve had a pup here.

I told you all before but it bears telling again.  THANK YOU for buying items from the Amazon links I provide.  Amazon gives me a small commission for sending you to Amazon.  I save those commission dollars and buy things that I know you all would want me to have…like this fence for the puppies I foster.

I had a tall higher one with a hard-to-use latch for the door that was much taller and more cumbersome.  This one is perfect.  You can find it HERE on Amazon.  These are for indoors and outdoors and come in many sizes.

I used it for… Lefty and Pancho (when he was here)  if I wasn’t going to be on the main floor of the house.  So if I went up to sew, Lefty went in the pen.  Otherwise, he would run around and hang out with Rosie and Izzy.  He was a bit of a stinker about trying to chew on the dining room chair legs so I didn’t want him running loose if I wasn’t around to watch him.

Speaking kind thing blog readers have done.  MANY-MANY thanks to everyone who bought needed items for the rescue from the wish list I put together.  So far, everything that was purchased is in my garage.  The next time I go pick up a pup to foster, I will deliver everything to the coordinator.  I was blown away by your generosity.  If you want to see the wish list, you can find it HERE.

My Izzy is going to really miss Lefty.  She loved playing and romping with him.  He loved it too.  This toy is one that was bought and gifted to the HEART Rescue pups by one of you kind readers.  Lefty loved it.  He would run around the house with it which looked so funny as it was almost bigger than he was.

If the pen door was open, Izzy would sneak in there and grab it and the two of them would immediately start romping and wrestling.  Izzy was so cute.  She would take the toy and shake it in front of Lefty.  Then she would run off and Lefty would chase after her.

She was a good playmate for him.

By the time Lefty left my house, he was almost completely potty trained.  He NEVER peed in the house anymore.  On the day I went to Rochester for doctor appointments I ended up being longer than expected.  It was about eight hours and I was kicking myself that I didn’t have someone come and let the dogs out.  Lefty had the puppy pad if needed but I still felt bad.  I don’t like leaving any of the dogs that long even my own.

I got home and Lefty hadn’t peed.  What a good boy.  He sure did once we got outside though.

I had to laugh when his new mom came.  Typically he is a fireball and scooting and chasing all around.  His “trick” that was the hardest is he would hide under my baker’s cabinet or under the blanket box in the living room.  Then he would take a little coaxing to get him out.

When his new mom came he was all calm and peaceful.  It was absolutely precious.  She picked him up and looked at him and Lefty snuggled right in.  Admittedly his car ride to his new home was LONG (about 3 1/2 hours) so I had left him out to romp with Izzy to tire him out a couple hours before she arrived.

Lefty’s mom is a counselor and works with kids at school.  She’s hoping she can do some training with Lefty so he can become a school counselor too.  If he has any of his dad Rusty in him, I can see that happening.  Rusty was the calmest dog ever.

While she was here and we were doing paperwork my daughter Kalissa showed up with the boys.  I was worried the boys would get emotional with Lefty leaving…thankfully they didn’t.

Lefty’s new mom let the boys hold him one last time and just then Lefty licked Gannon on the nose and he said, “He’s telling me goodbye.”  That made me get all teary-eyed.  But then Carver said, “What kind of dog are we getting next?”  I think the boys finally understand how foster care works.  I’m thankful for that.

An hour or so after they left, Lefty’s mom sent a picture and said the car ride was going great.

Awe…melt my heart.

I’m so glad he was resting and doing a great job in the car.

….and with that, Lefty is gone and I can take the fence down…boy, it’s quiet without him.

I sent pictures to his new mom and happily, she sent a note telling me they made it home safe, and when they got there…Lefty had the zoomies.  I’m so glad he is trusting her enough to show her his real personality.

I did my paperwork for the rescue and am going to enjoy a couple of days with no fosters here.  I’m sure I’ll get a call soon enough.

One more thing…  Remember my foster Rusty?  Connie who adopted him did an update telling how he is doing.  You can read the update HERE.

That’s all I have for dog stories for now…I’m off to put the fence away and clean up all of the Lefty stuff…

3 thoughts on “Lefty Finds a Home”

  1. Susan the Farm Quilter

    So many of your fosters have wormed their way into the hearts of many of us…I sure hope their forever homes will give you periodic updates you can share with us! So glad Lefty will have a job and your grandkids gave him early training in how to behave around children!! So glad Carver and Gannon understand that they can lavish love on the pups but that the pups won’t be there forever. As long as Gannon has Izzy to love forever, I think he’ll be happy.

  2. Oh what a little sweetie. It must feel good to watch them go to somebody you are sure will love them. You do such a great job with each new puppy. Rusty sure was fortunate to go to live with Connie and Builder Bob. Like Carver, I wonder what the next one will be.

  3. Well I got a little teary eyed reading this! I’m glad the grands know the pups are just there until they find their forever home.

    Now I’m headed over to catch up on Rusty’s new life!

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