Leftovers No More!

Over Christmas my refrigerator was on overload.  I’m sure many of you can relate.  At Christmas, there is so much food.

A refrigerator like this is Hubby’s pet peeve.  He’s big on no food waste…I like to be but at times, I’m tired of it.  I don’t want to eat it anymore…or something sounds way better.  I really do try though.

At one point over break Hubby said, “No more new food!”  I agreed.

So I waved my magic wand and tried to make the leftovers look no quite so left over.  What you see below, is the chili leftovers…..Chili Quesadillas.

To make them:
I put butter on the griddle
I laid down a tortilla shell
I put chili on the shell
I added pepperoni
I added cheese
I put another tortilla on top

It cooked for a couple minutes, then flipped it.

This is the leftover sloppy joe meat….Tator Tot Nachos…

For these I put tator tots in the air fryer…
cooked them to golden brown
heated the sloppy joe meat
put the meat on top and cheese on top too
Microwaved for about a minute to melt the cheese.

Just then Karl came home from being over at Craig and Kalissa’s.  He said, “Wow mom, this looks delicious.”

Bahahhaha!  It did but it was just leftovers.  Making something from nothing is one of my favorite things to do.  It seams I don’t mind eating them it they morph into something different.

So with that….two less Pyrex bowls in the refrigerator.  I’m going to have to get more creative to use the rest of the leftovers.

4 thoughts on “Leftovers No More!”

  1. When I have a lot of leftovers I freeze some in small servings to have for a quick lunch or enough for two of us when I don’t have time to cook from scratch. That way we don’t get tired of the leftovers and it helps out when we’re busy. I’ve found most things except fresh fruit freezes pretty good. Foil pans work good for this too. I get them at the Dollar store just big enough for 2 servings. Looks like there was good eating at your house over the holidays.

  2. I send as much as I can home with the kids. In fact I often make more than I need so they can take it home! They are really appreciative! I freeze anything I can for another time. And we try hard to gobble up the rest. It is often a challenge.

  3. My hubby hates waste too, but I can’t get him to eat leftovers until they are gone. He keeps introducing new dishes until I finally have to throw the old food out. He would eat food that’s been in the fridge for two weeks if I didn’t toss it. Yuck.

  4. Jo, I’m a combo of you and your husband. I hate food waste but I get sick of eating leftovers. My husband doesn’t like to throw anything away and will eat things way past their expiration…ugh. I tell the kids I’m not cooking until the fridge is cleaned out. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. I have used sloppy joe meat to make chili in the past. I will have to try the tat-chos, Karl is right they look delicious.

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