Left Behind Lefty

My little Lefty is getting left behind.

You might remember that I got Pancho and Lefty shortly after Christmas.  I think it was the 31st.  Lefty is the one on the left.

Lefty had an approved adoption before he has even gone to the vet.  We thought he would be going to his home on January 3rd, but that person backed out.  She never met Lefty.  She just thought circumstances that had come up made her believe that it wasn’t the right time for adding a new pet.

Lefty had another approved adoption.  He was supposed to meet his new family on the 13th.  But, that adopter called back and decided that she was older and maybe a puppy wouldn’t be the best idea.  She never met Lefty…just decided they weren’t a good fit because of age.

So, we’re working on …finding this guy his furever home.  We’ve had a few applications come in but for whatever reason, it didn’t seem like the best fit or the vet approval wasn’t up to date.

He does great in a kennel.

He has nice coloring with light brown accents and white on his chest and the tip of his paw.

Lefty is not the most photogenic dog.  His spunk doesn’t come through in the pictures.

Kalissa and I tried and tried to get him to spark and show his real personality, but once we take the camera out, he gets shy.

In everyday life, he is a ball of energy wanting to wrestle with my dog Izzy.  He’s not afraid of the big dogs.  He totally takes advantage of being little.  If things aren’t going his way with Izzy he immediately hides under a dining room so Izzy can’t get to him.  He’ll hide under my baker’s cabinet.  He’s just a joy to watch.

He and Izzy gave me a scare one night.  I had a quilt draped over the dining room table and the two were playing peek-a-boo around it.  I chuckled so many times as they raced around and hid from each other.  I finally told myself I couldn’t spend all my time watching the dogs play so turned my attention to the computer.  Then CRASH!  The dining room chair had tipped over.  I think they pulled on the quilt and that made the chair crash to the floor.

Poor little Lefty was squealing.  I ran and picked up the chair.  Izzy was looking all guilty.  I picked the quilt up.  I couldn’t find Lefty anywhere.  I looked under the table.  I picked up the quilt again thinking he was so light he might be wrapped in the quilt.

Finally, I found him in the kitchen under the baker’s cabinet.  Oh, my word.  I picked him up and the poor little pup’s heart was beating so fast.  He was really scared.  I think my heart was beating pretty fast too.  Whew.

That gave me heart palpitations for sure!!!

Trust me, he’s a fun little ball of energy and not the sad-eyed pup you see in the pictures.

Lefty is my previous foster dog Rusty’s son.  I can see that the two have many of the same qualities.  Both are super gentle and sweet.

Sadly neither of the photograph well to show their real personality.

This little guy is going to stay little.  I don’t think he’s grown much in the time that I’ve had him.  At his vet check he only weighed 5 pounds and we guess he’s going to stay small.

He is classified as a toy Australian Shepherd and they weigh between 12  and 17 pounds as adults depending on the gender.

He loves getting brushed.  He loves kids.  He eats only a little bit of food.

He’s up to date on shots, and is neutered, and microchipped.  His adoption fee is $250.

He is doing awesome with house training.  If I take him outside I don’t have to walk around forever.  He just goes within a minute.  He knows what he’s going outside to do.

If he’s in his pen and I’m upstairs sewing and don’t come downstairs to let him out in his time frame, he goes on the puppy pad that’s in his fenced area.

He’s getting towards four months old now.

It’s time for him to find his furever home.  He needs to learn someone else’s house rules and acclimated to a new family.

Oh, I wish you could see him here in everyday life.  Truly, I never see those sad eyes unless I take a camera out.

If you’re interested in adopting Lefty…of course you can totally change his name and we encourage you to…you can find an adoption application HERE.

24 thoughts on “Left Behind Lefty”

  1. Rosie Westerhold

    Oh, that little guy is pulling on my heart strings. I already have 2 dogs: a15-pound Pomeranian and a 70+-pound ChowChow. I used to have FOUR Chows!! And they were a hand full, but I was much younger then. I wish I had some extra money sitting around to afford another small dog. And rescues are THE BEST!! My last 3 dogs were rescues, and will always have a special place in my heart. I hope Lefty finds his furever home soon. I just wish it could be me who could take him. Big sigh. Keep up your fostering, Jo. So many pups need that little extra help.

  2. You know how to pull heart strings!! Oh my! He is such a doll. I love seeing the pups, but I have declared a no dog zone in our family for at least year after ours is gone. I just need a break from the responsibility. I hope somebody will adopt him soon.

  3. Ha ha- I somehow wasn’t receiving your post – but they sure are cute! Maybe they don’t wanna smile because you so – no smiles…lol They are really sweet- trying to convince hubby but not having any luck,

  4. Barbara Firesheets

    Lefty looks like such a sweet little pup. Maybe you could set up your camera to get a short video of him in one of his playful moods. I hope he finds a good loving home soon.

  5. I would take him in a heartbeat but I live on the east coast of South Carolina…..he is precious! Don’t Karl and Buck each need a dog?! :)

  6. I think he’s absolutely adorable in the pictures!! I love dogs but don’t want to be a dog mama. I have my kitty that I adopted from the shelter almost a year ago. So hope the perfect pup owner turns up soon for little Lefty.

  7. He is so cute. I am sure the right family will come along. I always liked Rusty and his off spring are just as cute. Live a bit far away in CA.

  8. Oh what a sweetie , sad I live so far away (UK) otherwise I would snap him up in an instant. Fate has decided his furever home will be the best fit when it happens, surely that cannot be faraway.
    You are doing great fostering and giving these pups a chance. Fingers and paws crossed it will happen soon.

  9. Poor Lefty, it’s such a shame that his adoptions fell through. He sounds to be a perfect companion, I hope someone adopts him soon ❤️

  10. That little dog is precious. I can’t imagine that it will be difficult for a sweetheart like that to find a forever home.

  11. Hi Jo, I hope you can help me with this problem. I am a handy capped person and I can’t stand very long. Sewing helps me keep my sanity. To make a long story short. We are moving to a smaller home My friends and neighbors kept me supplied with fabrics and supplies but I just don’t have room at our new home. I want someone to have all of this but I can’t afford the shipping. I have all kinds of fabric, ribbon, zippers. notions and more. I have two large storage boxes full of just fabric. Some cotton some not. Some baby quilt tops and more. If anyone is interested please let me know’
    Thank you

  12. I could never, ever be a foster as I am surely destined to be a failed foster. I would want to keep them once they are in my house. Lefty is flat out adorable and can’t imagine why you would need “better” photos! Those who backed out didn’t deserve him.

  13. Finding the right adopter is the most important part of the animal rescue/adoption process. Lefty is adorable! If he is still learning about life he needs someone like you who has patience and live for him in large measure. He was lucky those previous families didn’t take him because worse than waiting for the right family is being returned after thinking you had the right family.

  14. You sold me, but I am in Arkansas so I guess I will pass. But his story and sad eyes went straight to my heart.
    I have a two year old Aussie so he would fit in. Keep us posted on his situation.

  15. Maybe Lefty poses so quietly for the camera because he sees Izzy & Rosie posing like that on the quilts. The picture of him giving Gannon a kiss was so cute!
    Good Luck with your appointments this week. Hope you have good results.

    Teresa F.

  16. 10.5 hours away-he is exactly what I am looking for. Light and small and I love the herding breeds best of all. Too bad Iowa and Arkansas aren’t closer.

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