Leaders and Enders

I have taken up allegiance with Bonnie over at Quiltville.  If you aren’t familiar with Bonnie she is a HUGE supporter of scrap quilting and of using leaders and enders when you sew.

When I first read about leader and ender sewing (hop over and read about it if you haven’t heard of it before) I was a HUGE skeptic.  How could a quilt be made if you are just sewing a few patches together everyday.  Well, I decided to give it a try and here is what is happening….
It’s turning into blocks.  I’ll admit once in a while I put two or three through the machine rather than one piece.  BUT…wow, it really does work.  I started this before Christmas and there is noticeable progress…enough that I can see a quilt in sight. 

I stumbled upon Tazzie Quilts blog and she too is doing leader and ender projects.   Her blog features lots of scrap quilts.

I’ve decided that when I get this blue and white beauty done I am going to purchase Bonnie’s new book Adventures with Leaders and Enders….I am just that impressed with the whole concept.

8 thoughts on “Leaders and Enders”

  1. Very pretty! have to admit when I’ve tried doing the leader enders I just keep going and make blocks! So much for the “extra” quilt:)

  2. I really like the quilt you displayed on Stash Manicure and was drawn in by the use of leaders and enders. I did just that, for a time, after reading the suggestion in a magazine article years ago. I ended up with a beautiful quilt for my bed, then never did it again. With I’ll the sewing I’ve done since then, I’ve really gypped myself! I’m so glad you were the featured quilter today! ~karen

  3. I’m sure by now you have dozens and dozens of these Blue Ridge Beauty blocks completed!! ;) That was the first quilt I fell in love with when I discovered Quiltville 5 years ago. ;)

    like you I began my 1st ever L/E and started with just the HSTs first… and had about 100 of them made – but then came along another project that called for those in the size I had made so I cheated and used them up for something else. However I love what they turned into just as much!! and one day I’ll get restared again on another Blue Ridge Beauty quilt.

    and when I do – I’ll follow your lead and make them into little BLOCKS as I go! :)

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie

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