Leaders and Enders

Quite some ago a blog reader sent me a box of scraps.  In the box were a stack of squares.  I thought they were 5″ charm squares but soon realized that they were 6″ squares.  I didn’t know what I was going to do with them.  They all seamed to coordinate.  I pondered it then thought why not make a simple quilt top of squares.

I’ve been working on it leader and ender style over the last couple months.  (If you haven’t heard of leaders and enders follow this link) Here it is.  Simple.  Very Simple.  Once it gets some machine quilting it will perk up a bit.


I always feel a little guilty that I don’t sew more quilt tops for charity.  Though simple, this one I did and once finished will keep someone warm.

I have this now sitting by sewing machine.It’s a bag of 3 1/2″ squares.  I bought it at the thrift store awhile back for $1.  I counted up the squares.  Then cut and added a few more of my own.  This I’ll work on a leader and ender.  I can never find a good boy baby quilt so this is going to be simple square in the center with a border.  Then I think I’ll add a fun novelty print for a backing.

All of this is very simple sewing…To some, it’s nothing at all simply sewing square together..for me, I love watching a simple quilt come to life while I am sewing something more complicated.  Some projects I hate to work on as leaders and enders.  For me, the spool blocks and the bow tie blocks that Bonnie Hunter challenged us to do were too hard to do as leaders and enders.  I like a simpler block that I don’t have to keep track of so many pieces for.

This has been fun for me..and a great way to use up fabric that coordinates but I don’t love.

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  1. Betty (from Canada)

    I am very jealous. I checked out the price of men’s shirts in a thrift store up here in Canada and they were about $8.00. Also have you got a plan for those blocks that we sent you for your birthday? Just wondering.

  2. I tend to pin a pile of pieces together, then keep them by my sewing machine to use as leaders and Enders. Last year’s L&E, Tumblers, worked well that way. (Still does. I’m no where near done.) Four patches are also good.

  3. I don’t think you should feel guilty for not piecing charity quilts. You are quilting so many charity quilts that other people have pieced, you are filling a great need there.

  4. Love the quilt because it is so simple and yet will be a great gift that fills a need for another person. Bravo Jo! I have been working on the tumbler leader & enders and I must admit that its really become a favorite of mine and I might do another one when this one is done.

  5. Nothing prettier or more soul satisfying than simple patchwork. I enjoy the other piecing, but this always calms the soul.

  6. jo, i really love that you do so many quilts for charity and i have one that i would like to send you or someone else to finish. it was given to me a couple months ago and its just impossible for me to work on t this time.. its very dated–70’s or 80’s colors maybe.a very dusty rose kind of colors for the most part. there is plenty of yardage and blocks and pieces to make a nice size quilt out of what is there and has been started.
    i recently had to leave my home—,my husband of 20 years hit me and pulled a gun. it was the worst and longest night of my life. i live with one son now and i have a small table to sew on. the only sewing supplies i have are the ones that were in the car from a class i took that day. i have bought an item or two i suppose but for the most part, i have very little. and i hate to spend money and run to the quilt stores everytime i need something. eventually i will get all my things back and be ready to sew wholeheartedly again, but right now i just cant seem to start.
    i think now more than ever i can appreciate the importance of getting a quilt to someone who needs one.
    please let me know if you, or someone you know might be interested in finishing this quilt
    thanks jo

  7. Jo, I really like your simple squares quilt. Sometimes it is better to just let your mind relax and do something like this. I am sure the recipient will enjoy it.

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