Lawn Mower Saga

Back when we moved from the farm where Kramer, my husband worked, to the house here in town, Kramer’s boss told us we could have the farm lawn mower.  We brought it to town and have been using it ever since.

It was older by the time we got it but it served us well over the last 6 years.  When my son Karl moved to his house last April, we made a deal that I would provide the mower.  He would provide the gas and mow both our lawns.

That was working fabulously until the end of last mowing season.  The mower would mow his lawn, then he’d come to mow mine, be five minutes from finishing and the mower wouldn’t work right.  It would bog down and not go.

Back in 2018 when Kramer was living he had started talking about a new lawnmower so I knew we figured we were on borrowed time with it.

I ended up talking to my neighbor who is super mechanical and asked him if he’d look at it.  He told me the hydrostat was going out and to fix it would be $800ish.  Ugh.

Here we are back in territory I know nothing about…lawnmowers.  As a widow, these are some of the hard things.  But, I’ve been making decisions like this for almost three years now and they are getting easier to make.

My neighbor told me I might be able to limp through another year, but he couldn’t guarantee it.

With availability as things are nowadays, I thought I better start looking for a mower.  Who knows if they are going to be hard to find as vehicles have been.

I talked to Craig and asked him if he suggested anything.  I knew buying used was likely what I’d do…but did he have suggestions.

He ended up calling the implement dealer he previously worked for.  They had a used mower.  It was pretty much the same as I had only a little bigger and a little newer.  PERFECT.  I bought it sight unseen.  I know nothing about mowers so there really was no reason for me to look at it.  If it had a ding, I didn’t care.  I would likely get another while I owned it.

So not too long ago, they delivered my “new to me” lawnmower.  Here it is…

I didn’t trade in my old mower.  I got a better deal by not trading it in.

So then I had two mowers with space for only one…so a couple of weekends ago, I listed it on the local for sale site.  I gave the info and listed my old mower for $100.  I had talked to the guys around here and we all thought that price would move it out but still, I got something out of it.

I really didn’t care what I got for it.  All I knew is that it didn’t work and I wanted space.

I was totally honest and said the hydrostat was going out of it.

I listed it and my computer was immediately pinging with interested people.  The first person messaged me personally and said, “interested” and nothing more.

The next person said, “I’ll take it”.

Well…the first person said, “interested”.  What does that mean?  Do they want to come and get it?  Do they want it?  AHH.  I understand wanting to look before you buy but please say more than “interested”.

Then another person messaged and said they’d take it.

Then another person who I know messaged me and said his friend was interested.

At this point, I messaged everyone who had messaged me except the first person and said that someone was in line in front of them.

Then the person who I knew’s friend came to my house. I said that people were in front of him and no he couldn’t look at the mower.  He tried to come in anyway.  I said no that there was likely no way it would get to him anyway so no he couldn’t look at the mower.  UGH.

This all happened within 45 minutes of me posting the lawnmower on the for sale group.

My kids were still here and they told me to calm down.  Give the “interested guy” a few minutes.

I did.

In the meantime I had about four more people contact me all saying they’d take the lawnmower.

Then some jerk contacts me and offers $35 for the mower.  SERIOUSLY.  I can understand someone offering me $90…even $85.  But if you offer someone 65% less, you’re a jerk.

AHH!!  This whole lawnmower thing was a lot.

Then someone who I know contacts me and said he wants it for his son.  Was a little pushy because I knew them.  NO…it doesn’t matter if I know you.  You aren’t getting this lawnmower.  First come, first serve.  AHH.  I told him it was sold pending pickup just to get him off my back.

I finally contacted the first “interested guy”.  I told him I had people who wanted the mower.  If he wanted it, he needed to speak up.

He messaged me and said I could sell it to someone else.

I messaged guy #2 who said he’d take it and told him it was available.  Well, then he didn’t include any pick-up time.  I asked about that and then he said he had to wait for his wife to get home and talk to her.  He’d get back to me in an hour.

I didn’t hear from him but in the meantime updated the ad saying it was pending pick-up.

I didn’t hear from him.

I continued to get messages from people who wanted to buy the mower.

Five hours later I contacted him and asked if he had a time to come.  He said two days later after work.  UGH.  I wanted to be done with this.

The morning the guy said he’d come I messaged again and asked if the pick-up time still work.  He instead said he’d be here in an hour if that was okay with me.

IT WAS MORE THAN OKAY WITH ME.  I wanted this done.

Everything from there went okay.

Kramer and I used to love selling things on Marketplace.  I don’t like it much anymore.  People who write “interested”, people who are pushy, people who say they’ll get back to me and don’t, people who think because they know who I deserve favors, and people who don’t pick up right away all have soured me from Marketplace selling.  The worst though is a low ball offer.  AHH.

All I know is that I’m SUPER happy the whole experience is over and I have a new to me mower that I’m hoping with any luck will last me many years.

17 thoughts on “Lawn Mower Saga”

  1. Angela J Short

    :-) I’m thankful it all worked out for you. I’m sure it was stressful. There’s some crazy folks in this world. Have a good day. Take care. :-)

  2. I can understand Jo- we had the same dealings when we decided to sell the house in NY and the piece of land here in Tx. We are still waiting on the bank and roofer to decide when the work can be done. We’ve already done two extensions and worry about the interest rate being more than doubled if the wait continues.When we tried to sell the land here we had all kinds of crazy offers, one contract that backed out on the day before it was set to expire. We wouldn’t have known but Skip called them to see if we were a go and they conviently forgot to contact us. We had so many interested people but like you- take them in order. Told them to callback in two days and see where they stand. We even had one person say “You’ll never sell it “. We were being reasonable- they wanted it for $10,000- We dropped our price to $78,000 and got it. That’s what we needed to clear up our debts and offer on the ranch and 5 ac.We made a “buyer list” and who called and went down the line… I’m glad yours ended with good results but it is frustrating and it’s either feast or famine…

  3. Retail is tough. Like everything else, there is a learning curve to it. The next time you sell something, “interested” just isn’t good enough for you. You get a time (soon, not two days later) to come look at it, or you go on to the person who does give you a near time.

    Good job selling it. Enjoy the new mower.

  4. Oh my gosh what a pain it is to sell online anymore and worse are those that “know” us. Been there a few times and I’d rather sell to a stranger than someone I am acquainted with by far!

  5. I love every one of your postings (especially your pictures of beautiful grandkids). This sentence today made me laugh

    I know nothing about mowers so there really was no reason for me to look at it.

  6. I so understand about people wanting something for nothing, sometimes they even wanted me to deliver a free item!

  7. I know the lawn mower experience 1st hand. My husband always “fixed” the old one to get by. Then he passed away. The lawn mower quit within weeks. Repair was going to be major…broken axle. So I figured, right or wrong, it was a sign and I was going to get a new one. 7 years later and it is still going strong. I actually think I was in an angry phase at the time, and wanted to get even. Loved the guy, miss him terribly. But it was a sign. Right???

  8. I went through this with a loveseat as I was selling furniture after my divorce. People wanted it but could I deliver it? Seriously? I went back and forth with many and no one would commit. I had a hard deadline and had to vacate my house for the new owners. I ended up donating it to Habitat for Humanity who I might add are the pickiest people on Earth. It had to be new, it was, just unbelievable.

  9. First there with the money…you don’t have to pick it up that day, but you have to pay to hold. I’m hardcore about all that indecision.

  10. I guess there’s a reason we don’t often sell stuff. It’s good that it worked out over time. We have learned most of our equipment such as mower, garden tiller, etc., work much better with pure gasoline, rather than the typical alcohol/gasoline mix. A repair person advised us of that a few years ago. We have to drive out of town to find stations that sell it, but it is worth it to have equipment start on the first try, even after sitting for the winter.

  11. Judith Fairchild

    Yikes !!!!! What a mess. Not you but those who were contacting you. And the lowball bid was so wrong. I would guess that he is the kind to take advantage of women. Yuck.
    Glad it went ok.

  12. Cynthia from Nebraska

    Selling things…ugh. I have tried Next Door (people show up but I don’t actually sell much thru it – but I like it because it is for very local people). I’ve had the best success with Facebook Marketplace but it is a PAIN. Yep, people ask if I will deliver a FREE item; ask if the item is still available and then…crickets; string you along as if they’re interested and then just ghost you. All three of these just happened to me and I’m still feeling a little salty about it. I’ve had a little bit of success with Craigslist, but the last thing I posted I got two scam texts (“send me back this number to confirm you are a real person,” which actually allows them access to your phone number). People don’t seem to actually read what I post…ask for delivery when it says pickup, email instead of text or vice-versa, one didn’t even seem to realize I was in an entirely different state! I read your post to my husband at dinner and we had a lot of sympathy and a few chuckles as we’ve just done this. But at least you were successful and the mower is gone!

  13. I’ve become a widow just recently . The things you have to do and never thought you would have to! I now am mowing the lawn with a zero steer! It’s an adventure!!

  14. People are crazy these days. I posted items on FreeCycle a while back. Received message a person was interested and we set up a mutually agreeable pick up date. She was a no show. I contacted that person and she apologized and we set up a second date. She didn’t show again. How rude.

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