Laundry Room Update

I told you some time ago that Hubby had built me a shelving unit for the laundry room but I had yet to show you how it was all in place.

This is the laundry side… I’ve shown this before.

This cabinet was original to the house when we bought it but Hubby had to cut it down to fit over the washer and dryer.  Then I had him build a shelf to match over the washer and dryer.  That’s a place we keep the scanner and odds and ends.  I also like it as it prevents things from falling behind the washer and dryer.

On the opposite side of the room is my main floor sewing nook.  I actually use it quite a bit.

I have the vintage machine and cabinet.  Here is where I have a set up to work on Pineapple Crazy quilt blocks.  Everything has been freshly sorted and ready to get working on them again.

I had Hubby make the shelving unit above.  I had no where to put cook books.  I also needed a spot to keep some childcare things that we’re still working on.  I found that the childcare stuff ended up continually landing on the island in the kitchen making that look cluttered and I hated that.  Now it just goes on the upper shelf.  I have quick easy access to it yet the island stays just a bit cleaner.

I chalk painted the shelf to match the cabinet on the opposite wall.  I like the color.  The only problem was that the walls got paint markings on them when they were installed and I FINALLY found the paint and fixed the mess.  (I don’t know why I put off jobs like that!)

I sure am blessed to have a handy Hubby.  I really love all the little things he is able to do that help me out and save us lots of money.

I love my little room just off the kitchen.  It makes me happy to have laundry and a sewing machine just a few steps away.  I often sew a few seams while I am waiting for supper cook.  I do think I am going to be on the hunt to look for a different chair for here though.  Right now I just use a kitchen chair.  But it seems to sit a little high for the machine.  I am wondering if an actually sewing chair without a back might work just a bit better….come to think of it, there just might be one in the spare garage….I’m off to take a look.

4 thoughts on “Laundry Room Update”

  1. Love it all!!! Love the color that you chose for the cabinet and shelf. That’s great storage. You’ve mentioned keeping that machine downstairs so you can sew when you get a few minutes. That inspired me to keep my featherweight downstairs at my house. Sometimes I work on scrap projects while I watch TV down here. My sewing room is upstairs in this house and for us empty nesters, it’s the only thing up there now. I felt so isolated up there and found I didn’t go up as often. Thanks for sharing the pictures and other inspiration!

  2. I bought a rolling stool from Harbor Freight. It is not very tall but it perfect for quick stitching!! Love love love it!!

  3. Jo, I always enjoy seeing your house and the ways you and hubby have included vintage pieces. You do such a good job!
    But today I had to giggle… referred to your laundry room sewing nook having a vintage machine. And that is a Singer Touch n Sew! I still use mine that was given to me NEW by my Daddy when I was in 7th grade Home Economics class. It’s a great machine, but it was kind of funny to see it referred to as vintage. (Even though it is almost 50 years old!) LOL

  4. It’s real easy… You put off little things like that because you have many other things ahead of it on your list! At least, that is why I put off little things. :D You are a very lucky lady as you have a very handy hubby!

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