Laundry Room Cabinet: FINISHED!

Do you remember not long ago Hubby and I went to an estate sale and got the truck load of goodies for $11?  Well things are happening with one of the pieces…this one.


I originally told Hubby that I thought we should get it and he looked at me weird.  He couldn’t figure out why I’d want it.  Well it was him who started it all.  He had wanted to build a cabinet to replace this shelf in the laundry room.  We both thought the open shelving we had was too messy.  I told him I thought he could remake this shelf into an upper cabinet.  Then he was on board.


Within a week of owning it, he had it cut down and was building doors.


and shortly after that, he had me chalk painting…and then helping to hang it in the laundry room.  Here it is…..Nothing fancy but just what we wanted and needed.


Above I put a couple baskets I had.


Originally Hubby wanted the inside painted but I vetoed that idea.  I wanted it as is.


I’m loving it…LOTS.


This is the base cabinet we redid earlier.  It is below the new cabinet.


This is the other side of the “room”.    This cabinet was in the house when we moved it but Hubby re-did it and fixed it.  I was the painter.  Now that I have more space, I’m going to clean and rework this a bit too.  I’m still trying to talk Hubby into matching washer and dryer.  So far, no luck.


There was a casualty in the whole process…my walls.


It was a tight squeeze to get the cabinet in place and the walls got dinged up.  A quick touch up paint job and I was back in business all cleaned up and fresh.

For anyone wondering….our cabinet bill for this room….  $105 plus some time and paint.  I used Annie Sloan Graphite paint with first a coat of clear and then dark wax.  Graphite is my favorite!

My laundry room is off my kitchen and so handy.  I’m so glad I fought for it to be there.  It is really small, just the width of the washer and dryer, but it’s just what I need and now that the cupboards are all finished we’re calling this room done.  It makes me feel so much better that it’s not the eye sore that it once was.  Little by little the house becomes more and more a reflection of us and our work together.  I love that.  We’ve been here 2 1/2 years and we are far from finished….but that’s okay.  We’re enjoying the projects along they way.

12 thoughts on “Laundry Room Cabinet: FINISHED!”

  1. Wow!!! Your laundry room looks great!!! So much storage!!! You are so lucky to have a hubby who can make something from nothing!!! That’s so much better than going out and buying something new that everyone else has!!!

  2. Debra Hageman

    Everything seems to be a work in progress! We’ve been here 40 years, now, and need to put new windows in for the second time :(

  3. It looks great and I love that your space is just what works for you. Having a first floor laundry is the gift we give ourselves. I really like the chalk paint, something I need to look at more. It looks marvelous!

  4. I can’t believe you’ve been in that house 2-1/2 years already. As the old adage says, times sure flies. Your laundry room looks great. Congratulations.

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