Latest Work at the House and Ruby the town dog

Last week at the house in town two things happened.  One-we had a big wind come with some fast rain and we had sticks down everywhere.  Two-the stump remover guy came.  Both left a mess.

We have burning barrel in the back so we were able to burn most of it.

When we’ve been working at the house and aren’t in a hurry, we’ve been taking Ruby along.  We are trying to get her adjusted to knowing the boundaries and being a town dog.  We keep a leash on her but don’t hold onto it.  That way, should she decide to take off, she’ll be more easily caught.  So far, so good.  She hasn’t taken off yet.

In the above picture she is practicing to know where the south boundary is.  That’s the one that is going to be hard for her to distinguish.  I’ve walked the boundary with her.  Then I make her sit there.  I walk where ever I want.  She can get up and move but if she crosses the line, she gets sat right back down on our side of the line.

This back boundary, the one to the west is much easier for her to navigate.  The back alley marks as far as she can go.  There are several dogs constantly tied up or kenneled in the yards on the other side.  I refuse to constantly keep Ruby confined.  She’ll have supervision when she’s out but she has to learn the boundaries just in case my eye gets off her or she gets out of the house without my knowing.

She did so good today.  I have lots of hope that she will be able to figure this out and stay only on our lawn.  LOTS of practice and being consistent is what it’s going to take.

Another thing she has to learn…not to bark back when the confined neighbor dogs bark.  That’s a tough one for a beagle but she is doing really well.  She just might make a town dog yet….

4 thoughts on “Latest Work at the House and Ruby the town dog”

  1. Good job Ruby! Jo, I look forward to seeing lots of before and after pictures! The wonderful thing about renovating is all the stories that are made or unearthed in the process!

  2. Good job Rudy!!! I think it’s amazing how you can get her to stay within the boundries. Our dog has taken off with the slightest crack in the fence or front door. He’s just 2 and a schooch.He has trouble focusing because of all the sounds in the neighborhood. Any suggestions?

  3. Good job! I think I would have to get one of those invisble fences. that keep the dog in the yard. I wouldn’t have the consistancy to train a pet like that.

  4. She looks so cute and clever. Both of you must be proud : you to be a good teacher and her because she understand what you’re waiting from.

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