Latest Project in Living Room

Back in June of 2018 I bought this table at an auction for $1.

It was super ugly.  No one else bid on it.  Me, I loved it right away.  I’m the person who roots for the underdog and this table was definitely the underdog.  Kramer was living then and I was sure he could make this “nothing” into a “something”.

Well, it sat and sat until Kramer had the time and an idea.  So about 6 months later, he started working on it.

He made a rustic top for it.  The boards were flooring boards that had that were leftover from the house remodel.  If you’ve been a long time reader you know that we recycled boards from an old farmhouse for our flooring here in this house.  He left the chippy gray paint on the boards, stained them, and then varnished over the top.  I loved the look.  He was very hesitant about it but in the end, liked it.

From there he cut the legs off thinking it would make a great coffee table.  I totally agreed.

His intention was to have me paint it and then we’d sell it in our antique booth.

Then Kramer got cancer and passed away.  The piece sat in the garage.  I couldn’t sell it.  It was the last piece we had jointly worked on.  It was really sentimental to me.  YEP, that’s me getting all sentimental over a one-dollar piece of junk from an auction.

We stumbled over in the garage for about 3 months and then the living room furniture was finally delivered.  The way the couch and the loveseat fit together, I needed something in the corner.  I needed something exactly this size.  We lugged it in from the garage and thought the size was perfect and that solved my want to keep the piece.

Then it sat.  It wasn’t painted as we both had intended it to be.  Kalissa thought it was fine as it was…me not as much.  It sat there as I couldn’t decide what color to paint it.  I thought I wanted the graphite Annie Sloan paint…but kept second-guessing…maybe I should do a white or cream.  Finally, I decided to just paint it.  Any guess on what color I picked??  I picked….the graphite.  Everything in that room is gray so gray it was.  The top is a brown-gray and the graphite is a blue-gray so I was skeptical.

After a coat of paint, I hated it.

Then a second coat…still hated it.

I almost painted it white but decided that maybe in the waxing stage I could use a lot of dark wax which is brown and maybe that would help.

So before the wax, I sanded.  Oh my…yep, still hating it.

Clear wax first and then the dark…okay…better but we only had up to go.

You can see in the photo below I have the bottom drawer waxed with dark wax and the top one is not.

Rosie got bored with all of my indecision so jumped up in the stroller and took a nap.  She really is always right beside me…even in the garage.

Here it is…the wax is on and drying.  I’m liking it now but I’m holding my full opinion until I see it in the living room.

So do I like it or will I paint it again??

I….like it.  I am pleased with it and am happy with the paint.

I sanded the table and back to the living room it went.

WOW…I love the difference it makes.  I feel like that little table was just a diamond in the rough.  I’m so happy that I stuck with it.  Now I think I’d like to make a little table runner or something like that for the top.

It looks bare right now.  Previously I had some decorations there but Gannon and Georgia get into them a lot so I’m keeping them up for now.

Again, like the old primitive compartment bin that I have my television on, the look isn’t for everyone.  I do like it though.  I also love that this is the last piece of furniture that Kramer worked on.  I want to save it and will purposely always have a place for it.  As happy with it as I am, I’m also a little sad about it all.  Now that it’s finished, there are no more pieces to look forward to.  We had so much fun redoing pieces of junk like this.  I miss it.  I miss the adventure of finding the stuff.  I miss the talks about how we should fix it.  I loved having joint projects.  Someday I might do some myself but it really will never be the same.  Without Kramer, the fun of that is gone.

I love that house is filled with projects he was a part of.  I will always treasure the time we spent together turning things that most people classify as junk into things we loved.

15 thoughts on “Latest Project in Living Room”

  1. Thee table looks great! I am glad you will think of all the good times you and Kramer had when you look at that piece of furniture, and the other items you two worked at together.

  2. Awesome finish on that table, Jo! The gray, rubbed with dark brown, makes it perfect for your space. I adore old pieces that redone in this manner and would fill our home with pieces just like this one… if only DH had the “shabby chic” gene!

  3. I know what you mean about memories of working on furniture pieces together. My husband and I restored so many antique pieces. He died at the age of 48 nearly 40 years ago. I look at pieces we restored together and they mean so much. Memories!!

  4. Your table looks great and Kramer would be pleased! As Kate said I’m glad you think of the happy times you have had with Kramer.

  5. I love the fact that you are finishing things on your own but still retain the memories of Kramer in the finished items!
    Love and prayers

  6. it looks great with a good landing in the living room. Your husband will always be with the family. I can see a special Christmas decoration or two there.

  7. Your entire home is a Kramer/Jo project. Much love, sweat and perhaps some tears fill your home. The table is perfect! Hugs to you Jo.

  8. Stephani in N. TX

    Perfect table for your perfect corner. Love how you have it together with your brother’s smile worthy lamp and the photo shelf above. How did Kramer know the stain color on the top would be perfect with your furniture (did you even have it yet?)? As I get ready to move to another home, I am reminded of family with paintings done by MIL, art work done as far back as HS by my son, a photo of the distant relative from the old country whose name is shared by my husband, son, and grandson, and furniture pieces built by my husband way back when. I’m living with this armor behind me as my family pieces make me strong for whatever this way comes.

  9. What an awesome piece to finish out that corner. I works so well with the pipe and shelving and really shows off the lamp your brother made! Yes a table runner or topper would look cute there too.

  10. The table is a great finish and I like it with your furniture. It nice that you went ahead and got it done, now you can enjoy the table and the memories of it with Kramer. Love your brothers lamp sitting on it.

  11. Susan the Farm Quilter

    Your table is perfect in the corner!! Perhaps you will, in time, work on other pieces with your kids or grandchildren…they can then have the memory of working on a “piece of junk” with you and creating a thing of beauty.

  12. Love the table!!! Things in your home have meaning and stories behind it!!! That’s what home is about not something you can buy that everyone else has!!!

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