Latest on the Wood Trim

The weather here has been awful.  We’ve had blizzard conditions along with COLD temps over the last few days.

Hubby is a die hard farmer and little gets him inside and away from the work but this weather has.  He gets cabin fever easy so we’re lucky there is work for him in the garage.  He spent some time trying to figure out how to fix up that wood trim we bought last week.  As you can see it’s pretty beat up.


We don’t need anything perfect..just something good.  Hubby tried a few different things until he finally came up with a system and method that is working.  He’s just been sanding the rough spots and getting the paint off.  From there a little stain over all….


Then off to dry.  Board #1 is done.


He’s got quite a stack left but the weather isn’t quite ideal yet so he has time to finish the rest.

10 thoughts on “Latest on the Wood Trim”

  1. Thank you for sharing how your hubby has re-purposed the wood trim to use in your new house. I am enjoying hearing about all the activity you are involved in and you impress me with your drive and energy.

  2. I’m just starting to learn free motion quilting and it is intimidating! The book sounds like a good tutorial. Thanks Diana

  3. Great job on the broads – I need to redo all my woodwork but do not want to give up sewing time- want to send him over when he’s bored again? Love all your quilts and postings. Sew Piecefully – thanks

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