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We’ve had an interesting week around here.  I thought I’d share some highlights.

Thursday the stars aligned and the childcare parents all picked up early.  I had time so I drove down to the vintage sale I typically go to.  As I was going I drove past our local event center one of the area caterers in town put on an appreciation meal for the veterans from our area.  There was a line of cars turning in to go.  When I came past later the parking lot was packed.  I love living in our small town.  There are so many kind people.

I ended up buying two quilts at the sale-  I’ll tell you more about them at another time.

A friend stopped by to visit and that was so nice.  I don’t get out much or am so busy with the kids that it’s hard to catch me unless it’s during childcare hours.  She was sweet to stop and brought treats with the kiddos.  I always feel bad she comes here and I don’t get to her house.  I appreciate that she still comes as I do appreciate the visits.

That same evening, on her way to work, Kalissa hit a deer.  The thought is that her car will be considered totaled.  It has been rainy here and Craig wasn’t able to be in the field harvesting so he was home with the boys.  The boys ended up at my house and Craig drove to bring Kalissa back home and deal with the car.

May be an image of car and outdoors

Kalissa was totally okay.  Mostly she was just frustrated.  It’s such a hassle to be without a car.

So Friday they borrowed my van, left the boys with me and went car shopping.  You can read more about Kalissa’s car HERE on her blog.

Now Kalissa and I sharing my van.  I don’t mind but it’s a little bit of juggling once either of us needs it.

She worked Friday night so she had my van.  Saturday they didn’t have a sitter for the boys so they stayed with me.  Kalissa looked at a car on her way home from work.  She got here at noon.

Then I needed the van so I took them all home because I had to go to town to pick up meds.   I ended up taking longer than normal as I was looking for some no salt foods that I could eat on my upcoming low iodine diet.

Earlier in the week, Kelli took Eli into urgent care.  He wasn’t doing well.  He still has an ear infection.  He has had it for about six weeks now.  He goes through a cycle of meds and then a couple of days later after it’s done, his ears flare up again.  They decided to give him shots.  He had to take them three days in a row.

The next day Emmett started acting up.  He had an ear infection and was on his last day of meds.  He was not sleeping and fussy so I told Kelli to take him in when she took Eli in for his shots and sure enough, Emmett’s ear infection wasn’t clearing.  UGH.  He got put on some other meds.

Eli is scheduled …to see the ENT.  Typically they don’t put tubes in at this young of an age.  They are seven months now but they can’t get the ear infection to completely clear for Eli so they might make an exception.  I hope Emmett doesn’t go down the same road.

After hearing about this Buck said to me, “Mom, you and Dad raised some pretty good kids but you sure can’t make decent ears.”  It’s true.  Of the nine grandchildren, four haven’t had tubes in their ears yet.  Carver has had three sets.  The twins and Lilly both are heading down the road to getting tubes.  UGH.

Speaking of Buck’s kids, they had a run of the flu through their house and Lilly ended up with an ear infection too.

As you know Kayla had covid in early October.  She is well over the stage of being contagious but Kayla is not better.  She has been to the doctor several times and they are starting to believe she might have long haul covid.  She goes back to the doctor in a week and will know more then.  If anyone has any experience with this, we’d love to know more about your experience.  So little is known about it.  The main problem at this point is extreme fatigue.

Sunday was our day to paint at Karl’s.  He has two upstairs bedrooms that need attention.  Karl ended up staying overnight at Kayla’s.  He was at a friend’s house in Dubuque, started driving home at midnight, and hit black ice.  He decided to stay the night at Kayla’s.

Kalissa, Craig, the boys, and I snuck into his house and started painting.  The weekend before I had spackled the holes and painted a ceiling.  This week it was time to do more.  Carver really wanted to paint but we told him we needed him to take pictures.  These are the pictures he took…

Craig nailed down the trim as there was carpet in this room and Karl previously pulled it out.

I did the trim work.  I never tape things off when I paint.  I just use a special brush.

Here is the brush…

You can find it HERE on Amazon.  With this brush, there is no need to tape things off first.

You can see were HIGH FASHION in our painting clothes.

Here is Craig all buggy-eyed.  Yes, this was the purple color in this bedroom.  You can see why we needed to paint it!

We finished the purple room.  It looks great.  The little room…we couldn’t finish that as the paint from the ceiling wasn’t dry.  This was the ceiling paint that I told you about earlier.  It goes on pink but dries white.

I love it when we all team up and tackle a job.  This is likely one of my proudest moments as a mom…working together always makes my heart happy.  I love when the kids willingly help each other out.  Thanks, Craig and Kalissa…and Carver and Gannon too!

We all ended up coming back to my house and we ordered our lunch from the bar.  It was half-priced wings so most of us got wings.

While they were all at my house, Karl opened his mail.  This certificate came.  It’s official.  Karl won a spot on the Waucoma city council.  You can call him councilman now. (or call him with your complaints) HA!!

We are so small town here.  Karl didn’t actually file papers.  We told a few people in town he would take the position if he won on write-in votes.  Apparently, enough people were told as he was the winner of the write-in campaign.  Our family teased him because he wasn’t even town for the election and couldn’t even vote for himself.

That’s the latest on the Kramer family.  There is always something going on here…be it medical, city council, remodeling, babysitting-never a dull moment.

15 thoughts on “Latest from the Kramers”

  1. Carver did a great job taking pictures of the painting Kramer’s, lol. I sure hope Eli, Emmett and Lilly get there ear infections cleared up, its so hard when the kids don’t feel the best.
    I’m sure your family is relieved to know that Kalissa is okay after hitting a deer, how scary for her and the family.
    Congrats to Karl, you are going to be a great councilman for your city.
    p.s. I need to order that paint brush

  2. I just love to see your family all working together supporting each others’ projects. I hope we get to see the finished rooms. Karl will have a cute house when all is finished. Sorry to hear that the twins have so many ear infections – one just has to feel for those little souls.

  3. Never a dull moment! I love these posts when you share everyday toils and triumphs in your family. We sympathize and rejoice right along with you, and appreciate the way you help each other out. Congrats to Karl. And speaking of Karl, I couldn’t help noticing he had a sewing machine in one of his bedrooms. I hope his friends don’t rib his too much about it!

  4. You have an Awesome family. I’m sure they are a Blessing to your heart. As you are also to your community and beyond. Your blog has blessed and brought so many people together. One big happy family…all over the world.

  5. Margaret in North Texas

    Karl will have an interesting year serving as councilman. Like the new color of Karl’s rooms! Ear infection are so miserable for the little ones.

  6. the most successful thing the ENT clinic i worked for was equal parts alcohol and white vinegar drops for stubborn ear infections. Adults and children responded quite nicely to this regime. Even after the infections cleared the patients were encouraged to use them on a regular basis’ particularly after showers and shampoos.
    The doctors laughingly said they were putting themselves out of business with them. They had the RNs make it up and dispensed it in bottles with droppers.

  7. Brendalynne—that is amazing information, and I feel that it’s good advice. I would have tried it when my son was little!

    Your week was jam packed, Jo! You must fall into bed exhausted and happy! Karl is carrying on Kramer tradition serving his community—congratulations, Karl!

  8. So sorry to hear Kayla is still suffering after covid. If she’s struggling with severe fatigue, tell her not to try to push through it because it will make it worse.
    It looks like you had a fun Sunday, and Carver did well with the photos!
    I hope the children can get their ears sorted soon. My daughter suffered terribly with ear infections when she was growing up.

  9. Boy you all are such a great family – digging in when others needs help. That’s what family is all about.
    Congrats to Karl – you never know where this may take him!
    Praying the kids are better soon – all of them!
    Love and prayers

  10. I had horrible ear infections from swimming when I was about 16. The doctor only gave me drops at that time. Took a while to clear up. I like the idea of the alcohol vinegar drops. Can’t hurt. alcohol is drying.

  11. Carolyn Ensminger

    Hi Jo, If you get any info on long haul covid, please share. I had covid in October and I can’t shake the exhaustion, headache and general achiness from it. I did receive a monoclonal antibody treatment which helped tremendously, but as for the rest of it, I’m struggling. I hope Kayla feels better soon. I see the doctor on 12/1 so we’ll see what he says.

  12. As for long haul Covid, an acquaintance I know who has it says there is a FB group for sufferers of it. I don’t know what it is called but I’m sure you could find it. There might be some answers there.

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