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Well yesterday Kalissa and I along with Gannon traveled to Lacrosse to see the surgeon about my cancer stuff.

The drive was lovely.  Kalissa and I were both super tired but the scenery was so pretty and the conversation so good, that both of us didn’t have any trouble staying awake.  Kalissa had worked the overnight and only had a couple hours of sleep that morning.  I had Carver and Gannon overnight and they kept me up most of it.  Gannon has a terrible cough.

It wasn’t long before we were crossing the Mississippi into Wisconsin.  I laugh every time I read these “Lacrosse on the Mississippi River…Wisconsin’s West Coast”.  So cute.

As for the report with the surgeon…here’s the latest…He is willing to do the surgery to remove the lymph node near my trachea.  BUT, he would like some type of confirmation that it is indeed cancer before he does it.  The surgery although not super risky, still holds a risk of damaging my vocal chords plus, he doesn’t want to put me through an unnecessary surgery.

So his idea is to send me back to get another needle biopsy.  He is hand picking the intervention radiologist to do it.  He said this guy is a little more aggressive in his work and my doctor feels that he might be able to get a biopsy on that suspicious lymph node.

My doctor asked how we felt about that and we were comfortable with having the needle biopsy again.  The reasoning behind wanting to do it again is that in the last needle biopsy lymph nodes on the right side were tested.  My cancer last time was on the left.  My doctor feels that if it would have spread, is would more likely have stayed on the left.  So lymph nodes on the left would be the focus this time around.

I was not able to get an appointment set up yesterday.  I’m expecting that I’ll likely get a call today.  My doctor wanted to call the intervention radiologist and make sure he was on board with what he felt should be done.

I have to say…I loved this doctor when he did the surgery on my thyroid and I’ve loved working with him through this too.  He has a great bedside manor and is exactly what I like to see in a doctor.  Kalissa was impressed with him too.

The doctor was a little comforting saying that he felt that although my cancer numbers are rising, I am not emergent and we do have a little time to work to find where this could be.  That was a comfort.

No trip is complete without a stop for food…right??  I got butter pecan….I don’t remember what she got, something without chocolate and nuts.  (she surely can’t be mine and Kramer’s daughter if she doesn’t want chocolate)

We had a great time.  We enjoyed spending time together.  On the way home we stopped at the thrift store.  Oh my.  It was a great day to stop.  I’ll show you what I got in another post.

A HUGE shout out to Kelli for managing the childcare kiddos while we were away.  She’s so good with them and I’m so blessed to have her around to help.

On a side note.  Kelli’s beagle Puppycat is not well and heading to the doctor today.  We’re all worried about her.  It seems there is always something going on around here.  I’ll give a full report on her when I know something.

10 thoughts on “Latest Doctor Report”

  1. Good luck with all your doctoring, it is very comforting to have a good caring doctor. How is little Gannon? Hugs.

  2. Isn’t it wonderful to have daughters and sons (or s-i-l) who are willing to jump in and help out when needed. And to have a doctor you like – that’s so important! Continuing to pray!
    Love and prayers

  3. I’m so glad you’re feeling comfortable with your surgeon. That’s a relief in itself. Prayers and hugs for all involved.

  4. It’s great to hear that you are being blessed with good doctors. Not surprised that the surgeon didn’t want to go forward with something more definitive. Hopefully you will get that biopsy scheduled soon so you can move forward. As always your family is awesome! Continued prayers!

  5. Mary Ann Mettler

    That sounds so good – one step at a time Jo. Always good to hear what is happening – thanks for keeping us in the loop.

  6. I think I would like that surgeon too! Hope you get in for that biopsy soon! I’ll say a prayer for Puppy Kat. I hate hearing that things aren’t well. I added her to my prayers too!

  7. Hi Jo Sounds like a good doctor. I was wondering what the latest is on Gannon? Is his tummy issues better?

    I think you Kramers need a break!

  8. A very good friend just had surgery last week Wednesday on a tumor in her throat. She has been in ICU ever since as the tumor was attached to the vocal cords and it is badly affected her breathing. She was on machines for days and every time they try and take her off she’s gasping for breath. Please be careful with any surgery that you go forward with.

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