Late August at the Farm

We had five semis in the yard picking up cattle on Sunday night.  That’s about the largest amount that get sold in one group.  Often just two or three loads are sold at once.   These steers are all going off to slaughter.  The first truck was gone before I snapped pictures.  Here’s the second truck leaving.


The third truck is backing into the loading chute.  It is so dry here now that dust is kicking up.


Trucks four and five are waiting in the wings to load.


Typically 30-34 steers are on each load depending on the weight.  The truckers all have to stay within weight limits when hauling.

There are a few pens empty right now and they are going to stay empty for a bit.  The guys need to do come routine maintenance to the shed.  All manure will be removed.  A new fine layer of lime rock will be added and then new bedding.  Waters need to go over deep maintenance checks.  One has to have the concrete around the base fixed.  The gates need to be checked over too.  In between third crop hay (we are typically on fourth crop now in normal years) this will be worked on this week.

It’s always a little sad to see the cattle go but it’s nice to see the pens fresh with everything in top working order ready for a new bunch of calves.  This is a job that usually happens this time of year before chopping silage and harvest.  It’s so hard to believe that harvest is just around the corner….oh where did summer go??

4 thoughts on “Late August at the Farm”

  1. wow. that’s a lot of steak and burger. We are selling eight next month -that’s 8 steers, not eight loads. Wouldn’t I like to trade checks!
    Interesting “modern” quilt design on those bull haulers.

  2. yes where did this summer go???? I’m just buying beef. I’ll have chicken or fish and DH will fix himself something beef. I like beef, just not daily.

  3. As a town girl it is very interesting to me to read your posts about the farm life, even if I understand how sad it is to see the cattle go.
    I dare say that I love Fall time even if Summer is a beautiful season.
    Have a good end of Summer and all my wishes for your new home, it’s going to be your family nest, and I am happy to read all your improvements for your coming soon new comfort.

  4. What a beautiful sight! My dad drove cattle/hog truck for years! Daughter and I just drove back to WA after three weeks in MN; we saw lots of potbellies full of cattle headed to market!

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