Last Week’s House Hunt

Wherever we go and who ever we talk to the house remodel always comes up in conversation.  We are always quick to tell people that we want the house to look as least added onto as possible.  We explain that we are looking for old doors..old flooring and the like.   That typically leads to someone knowing someone who might know someone who might have it.  That has lead us down some good roads but it’s more likely that it leads us down some duds.

Last week, we struck out on a finding trip.  We went to Sharkey’s, which is NW of Durango, Iowa…or real close to Dubuque.

WOW..that’s about all I can say.  It was an overwhelming experience.

Pulling into the place it looks like a junk yard..and I guess, that’s what it is.  I’ve never “shopped” at a junk yard though.  The shed was HUGE!!  The lighting was awful.  We each had to carry our own flash light.  This is the aisle down the middle..then every 20 feet or so there were paths off in both directions.


Retro looking sinks is on our list of things we want…  High on the shelves on both sides are bathroom sinks.


Oh..and here’s another row of sinks.


It was hard to find a price on things and the owner wasn’t there.  His adult daughter was and she was reluctant to price anything.  It was a little frustrating.  She told us they should be marked but with the poor lighting it was hard.

Did you need a door.  This was only one of several aisles of them…there were windows and stair cases and chairs…


and electrical…We were looking for push button light switches but didn’t find any.


After we were inside, we went outside…More and more and more sinks.  It was so overwhelming and pricing was difficult to find…We might be back though.  If we do, we are coming Saturday morning when the owner is actually there.


We did go home with something…two old ladders that will someday hold quilts once Hubby gets them all looking good.


So the search continues…we keep getting closer but aren’t quite there yet.

2 thoughts on “Last Week’s House Hunt”

  1. Jo,
    Two things…have you talked to Bill Prouty in New Hampton…he selvages stuff from old homes and has a lot of wood. He is into antiques also. He might be worth a try and he is close.

    The other thing is I met your lovely daughter in church on Sunday. Our Pastor had a memorial service for a member that he had lost and Klarissa was there. What a nice young lady. We had a nice conversation.

    Enough…have a blessed day!

  2. Wow, you scored two old ladders! I have been searching for some for awhile now, but I am in Canada, and things are harder to find and ALOT more expensive!!

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