Last Weekend

Last weekend was a crazy busy.  Kayla came home for the weekend and stayed over two nights.  Karl was home one overnight too.  I love when the kids come home.

One of the reasons Kayla was home was to help me out.  She’s much more computer savvy and sometimes, I really need help.  I’ve had an on-going battle over the last two years with my Making Learning Fun website.  Some of you might not know but I have an early childhood printable website called Making Learning Fun.  With Kayla’s help, I started back in 2006.  I worked really hard on it for 6 years and then slowly backed off.  Technology changed.  The programs changed and I felt very frustrated.  Things didn’t work the way they previously did and I was ready to quit.  Then when we moved to town, I wanted to get back and work on the site more.  It was hard.  I didn’t have time and again, the program changed and I needed to work with a new program.

Well Kayla got on board and offered to help me.  Over the last few visits we’ve thought we had things going but then had trouble.  This weekend after a morning of work and the help of a our computer guy, we figured it out!!  I am so happy.  I even posted a few new activities this weekend and I can honestly say while I don’t know the program, I can at least load something on to the website.  That is a HUGE relief to me…but now, I need to find time  to load a few projects there now and then.  It’s something new for me and I have to keep doing it or I’ll forget how.  I’ve regretted not continuing the work on my site so now’s my chance to work at it again.

After that got under control we decided to hurry off to Decorah and hit up the thrift stores.  Kayla and I are both die hard thrifters.  She was able to find some yarn and a couple other goodies.  I found some little boy baby clothes.  I always keep a few extra items here just in case the kiddos parents forget to bring clothes so now I’m set for little boys too.

Then we were off to the Oneota Food Co-op.  Kayla and I enjoy going there.  Dried Figs are my favorite…I love the beet salad too.  We love sampling the goodies.


Kayla and I both also love the baskets at Oneota.  She bought herself a new one!!  Here’s a closer picture.

The baskets are African Market Baskets.  They are a fair trade product.  I love the quality and for the most part, the price isn’t bad.

I got a basket too.  I have a big basket already and this one is smaller.


I have two baskets now.  I’ll likely have a couple more someday.  I really like them.  Kayla has two of them as well.  Her other one is oval and I love the shape and size of it.  I’ll be on the look out for one of those next.

From there we headed home.  Karl had called and was home wondering where we were….and I had an appointment with this little guy.


Kalissa and Craig were off on their first night out without Carver.  They love Halloween and it was Halloween night here in town.  I’ll tell you more about that in the evening post.  Their costumes were awesome…just wait and see.

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  1. I think it’s the teacher in me, but I love bags and baskets. I even have the two shown in the blog. Amish baskets are also on my favorite list. Even though I am now a retired teacher I still use my baskets for rug hooking, quilting and needlework. All those pretty canvas bags I used as a teacher are now used for grocery shopping. Yep, I am a “bag/basket lady”.

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