Last Weekend: Butchering Hogs and More

Last week a bunch of the kids were home and we butchered hogs.  I missed out on the killing…I saw that once and if I don’t see that again, I’m all right with that.

I was there for the processing though.  Although it’s a big job, it’s much easier now that the folks who we butcher with got some fancier equipment.  On this day, we cut up five pigs-all market weight.  Can you believe that the bunch of us started at 11am and were done by about 5pm.  All the meat was cut up and accounted for.

A big bunch went into the smoke house.  Our friend does an awesome job with smoking the meat.  I just love it.  Nothing beats a smoked pork chop smoked by Carl.

The meat stays in the smokehouse overnight.  That meant that Sunday morning was dedicated to wrapping meat.

With all that was processed, Hubby and I got a half of a pig.  We paid $100 for it plus a bit for some freezer paper and bags.  I counted the “meals” we could make with it as I packaged the meat.  I think it tallies out to about 70 meals.  Most of them are for two…several of them are for 3-4 people.  That sure pencils out to some cheap eating…and best yet it is really delicious.

Following the butchering on Saturday I had the crew over to our house for supper….I’ve told you how much I love the look of the kitchen and the functionality of the kitchen.  I like it LOTS for entertaining too.  I just couldn’t be happier.

Between having the kids home, butchering, having guests for supper and having the great quilt giveaway over the weekend, it was really a fun weekend.  This weekend is setting up to look pretty good too.

6 thoughts on “Last Weekend: Butchering Hogs and More”

  1. i remember my mom and dad talking about once a year they slaughterd a cow and prepping the meat from it…. they used almost everything of the cow… including the blood. they put in some ingredients including hurbs, raw bacon than cooked it…. i think it is called bloodpudding or something? we called it karboet…. and it still is jummie when having it on your slice of bread with appels…. jummy jummy jummy! enjoy your meals!

    hugs from the netherlands!

  2. We used to butcher hogs too. Now we buy our pork but raise our beef which is processed locally. Home grown is definitely the best!

  3. One of our favorite stories from my dad when growing up is him talking about when his family butchered hogs. He would tell us from start to finish what was done and how each and every piece was used. We were city kids and it was fun to hear his stories about growing up on the farm. It’s a whole different way of life.

  4. Ohh, that sounds AWFUL!! I remember my mom talking about when she was a little girl and it was time to kill the pigs. She’d run in the house and cover her head with her pillow as she absolutely couldn’t stand the sound!! Gives me the shivers! UGH!

  5. We had an FFA reject hog (I called him Fatso) butchered a few years ago. The butcher came out to the farm and slaughtered him (I had never seen it done so I taped it) then took him back to town to butcher and smoke for us. The most delicious meat sticks and pork chops EVER!! And the bacon…yum!! Guess we need to buy another little pig to raise or buy someone’s FFA/4H pig. They used to do the butchering in the basement and make lots of sausage. Glad I don’t have to do all that work – it was all done by hand, no machines except the sausage stuffer.

  6. We just finished a week long BBQ class to find out what to do with a smoker and good meat. He does whole hog and has a lot of ideas. Fun class.

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