Last Weekend

Last weekend was a busy and perfectly fun one for me.  Saturday I headed out to an estate sale (which was fabulous) then went on to thrifting at the thrift store and then onto our booth in Harmony Minnesota to get things straightened up a bit.  My estate sale was wonderful….I had a blast there.  I got lots of great things including this coffee table that Kayla called dibs on.

I got some knitting and crocheting things for Kayla….I got some rag rugs for the booth…lots of things.

I had a love hate relationship with the estate sale.  NOTHING WAS MARKED.  They just kept saying “make an offer”.  I hate that.  Then a lady checked out in front of me.  She told the owners, can I just offer you the same prices I would pay for things if they were at the local thrift store.  The owners said yes.  Then I felt more comfortable.  When it came time for me to check out..I did the same.

While I was at the antique shop I took some pictures of my some of my favorite things….I love this booth.  The owner of this booth is the lady that runs the “Just Precious Vintage” pop up store in Decorah.

Check out this quilt she has for sale.

…and this one too.

This one is hand quilted….it is a “summer” quilt.  It is thin with only a flannel white fabric as the backing.  It’s so soft.  I just loved it.

Another booth has lots of small quilts.  This one has fussy cut flowers around the outside of the star.

This one I really liked.  I have TONS of bonus triangles.  I am tempted to use this as a jumping off spot to make a quit.  There were stacks of these small quilts.

Here’s a basket quilt…..

Check out this little shelf made from a crate.

I love this “There’s No Place Like Home” cross stitch.  Happily everything in this booth was 50% off.

This is my friend’s booth.  I always shop her booth when we go.

Connie had sent me a note asking that I keep my eyes open for a cutter quilt.  I purposely check out Karen’s booth hoping she might have one.  I did find this…

It’s only a top and was once part of a tie quilt.

I ended up buying it hoping that it might be what Connie needed knowing that if she didn’t want it one of you might be interested in using it as a cutter quilt.

After my visit to the antique shop I went back to the estate sale.  There were some things there that the owners wanted more money for.  I thought it was a little bit high.  So I decided that if I stopped back and no one else had bought the items, I felt comfortable to offer a little less.  Well it turns out there were quite a few of the things left at the sale.  The family was packing everything that was left up and they were more or less giving the things away.  I ended up getting the four fruit prints that I thought Kayla would like for $10 for them all.  Previous they had said they thought $10 each was what they wanted.  I was thrilled….and it turns out Kayla did love them and kept them all.

From there I went home and started sorting through my goodies.  There were two LARGE bags of sewing/crocheting/knitting things that I just grabbed and bought without really seeing what was in the bags.  As I sorted I found this…It’s the will and the death certificate of the owner of the items.

Ugh that made me feel uncomfortable.  I ended up contacting the family and asking if they wanted it back.  They said yes.  So with that in mind, Hubby and I made plans for Sunday to go back to the house where the sale was, return the will and then go back to Harmony and have him help me move some things around….So that’s what we did.

I took a bit of time working on the booth while Hubby loaded things and unloaded things.  He ended up chatting quite a bit with the customers too.  Around here you get guys together and the weather is always the main topic.  I’m so happy Hubby can keep himself entertained.

After we were done in Harmony we took and went to a yard sale.  Hubby had found the sale via a Facebook group.  We pulled into the yard and weren’t sure if we were at the right place.  Hubby is much more adventurous than me so he pulled way into the yard.  A guy was there and within minutes we knew he was a veteran…knew he served in Korean and knew he had sheds of junk we could look at.  Only problem, the junk was junk.  The roofs on the sheds were TERRIBLY leaking.   Boxes of stuff were on boxes of stuff and the boxes had deteriorated and then animals had run over them.  It was gross.

I pulled up my big girl pants and decided that if I was a real “picker”…I better start “picking”.  Hubby found this old scale.  These, even in the shape this one is in, are a hot item.

I found a deteriorating brown paper back of old license plants that are collectible right now too.  Hubby was happy with that.  We found a few things but all of them were dirty and needed lots of cleaning.  It was an adventure…that’s for sure.  We definitely talked about this trip all the way home.  It was more than interesting.

That was our weekend.  Once we got home it was time for me to get the house cleaned up and ready for childcare.  That’s my usual Sunday evening task.  It was a great weekend.

7 thoughts on “Last Weekend”

  1. I was hoping someone might have already asked, what a a cutter quilt?

    I hate unmarked sales too. Generally walk away without even looking much, and always empty handed!

  2. I believe that Kayla has her own booth at Harmony . They were together but decided to split up. But even if that wasn’t the case, if Jo doesn’t mind the work at the booth it surely shouldn’t bother us.
    A cutter quilt is a quilt that is not able to be repaired. Some cut them up to make things out of them.

  3. What a fun weekend! I love that coffee table too even though it isn’t my style! It looks like it is in great shape too!

  4. I noticed someone up above had asked what cutter quilt was. Maybe you could create (no nevermind, not you, I mean your computer daughter LOL) a page with words and definitions that most quilters and thrifters already know but that might not be obvious to new visitors and you could just link to that definition every time you use the word.

    I can’t tell you how much I enjoy your blog. Quilting and thrifting, two of my very favorite things! Oh and your book reviews as well! I don’t know how you get everything done that you do!

  5. Sounds like an awesome weekend to me! I have one of those sets of scales, it was my grandfather’s (and possibly his father’s). :D

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