Last Update on Gracie…

It’s been a long two weeks with Gracie…trips to the vet, constantly watching for any changes, monitoring pain, praying for the best…

We had decided to have the vet do surgery.  We called to schedule and the earliest appointment we could get was next Wednesday.  The vet had scheduled time away and that’s the only time it would fit in.


Last night I got home late from a visit to Country Threads.  Gracie was happy to see me.   Hubby had been in and out checking on her all day and she was her new normal self…still sick but happy.

After about a half hour of me being home, things turned awful.  She was panting and gasping.  I finally got her to take some more pain meds even though she wasn’t suppose to have more I just couldn’t stand to see her hurting.

Right then and there Hubby and I decided that we would call and look and search until we could find a vet to do the surgery the next day.

This morning we called our vet.  They had two cancellations and could get her in.  I dropped her off this morning.  Shortly after I got home the vet called.  The tumor was egg sized and on her kidney.  Her spine was inflamed indicating probably lymphoma.   We could have had her kidney removed but it would be quite invasive and risky only to have her live with lymphoma.  The vet didn’t give her long to live in that state and predicted more suffering.  We opted to put her to sleep.

I am so sad.  The house is quiet.  I am going through the work of vacuuming the dog hair off the couch, cleaning up dog toys, and laundering the kennel blanket.   It’s a sad mournful process.  Oh, I will miss her.  She was such a big part of my life…my little buddy.

Gracie was a rescue dog….one of the night when Gracie was feeling so sick, my daughter, while petting her,  said, “How could anyone have not wanted you?”  I wondered the same things a million times.

Good-bye my true and faithful friend.  You were a great dog!

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  1. I am so very sorry. Gracie was obviously well loved and loved well in return. You made the brave choice in her best interest. I will miss seeing and hearing about her on your blog. God bless you Gracie.

  2. I am so sorry to hear this! I am crying as I read this. It was a selfless act to make the decision you made. Gracie will be missed, not only by you but all of us as well. Sending you a healing prayer for your broken heart.

  3. So sorry you had to put Gracie to sleep. It’s a hard decision, I know. It’s like losing part of your family. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a new “Gracie” at your home somewhere down the line. I will miss not seeing Gracie on your quilts.

    Jan in WI

  4. So sorry you had to put Gracie to sleep. It’s a hard decision, I know. It’s like losing part of your family. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a new “Gracie” at your home somewhere down the line. I will miss not seeing Gracie on your quilts.

    Jan in WI

  5. I am so sorry! Over the years I have had to put 3 Beagles and a Cocker Spaniel down (One of my beagles had the same kind of thing Gracie did) and it never was an easy process. My heart breaks for you. Gracie was so lucky to be so loved. It was Gracie’s picture that first drew me to your blog, what a sweet, sweet face.

  6. Oh how sad, I loved seeing Gracie on your blog. I am a dog lover, especially Beagles, as I grew up with them. They are so sweet and devoted, very nice family pets. Remember, that you are in our thoughts and we will miss seeing Gracie. From one dog lover to another, I understand what you are going through. We have lost our beloved dogs and still miss them.

  7. So sorry to hear about Gracie. It was the right thing to do to end her pain and suffering. Sending comforting thoughts and prayers for you and your family. Hugs!

  8. My sympathies to you. I know that road as we had our dog put to asleep 1 1/2 yrs. ago and I still miss her. What a blessing she has been to you. Must be God knew that Gracie and you belonged together and that’s why no one else took her.

  9. Sorry to hear about Gracie. I went through this also with a beloved dog. Even though it’s the right thing to do it doesn’t lessen the pain of losing your best friend. My thoughts are with you in this sad time.

  10. So sorry to hear about Gracie! You did everything you possibly could for her with love, including letting her go to sleep. Take care!

  11. I am so sad for you. It is so hard to let our buddies go. I will miss your pictures of her. She was a good and faithful friend. Hugs to you and your family.

  12. Glenda in Florida

    I am so sorry that your Gracie has gone over the Rainbow Bridge. I truly believe that we will see all our beloved animal friends again someday.

  13. I am so sorry for your family’s loss. Gracie had a good life with you guys, probably the most happiest in her short life.I will miss hearing about her as well as seeing her smiling face while sitting on the quilts you make. Hugs to all and a big thank you for rescueing Gracie in the first place.

  14. thinking of you. We have lost many dogs too, so know how you feel! will be praying. Maybe you could make a memory quilt of her. Hang in there!

  15. Like everyone else, I am so sorry for your loss. I loved seeing her pictures with your quilts. She had a very happy life since you rescued her, so hold onto those wonderful memories and just know now she is in no more pain and at peace.

  16. So sorry for you. The loss of a beloved pet is so hard. Praying for your family. Gracie was lucky to have such a loving family and you were blessed to have her.

  17. I’m so sorry to hear of the loss of your Gracie! She looks like such a sweet little dog and I know she will be dearly missed. I know it was a tough decision for you to make, but it was probably the best decision for Gracie. She is at peace and no longer in pain. Thoughts and prayers being sent your way. Sad day!

  18. My sympathies in losing Gracie so quickly. What a wonderful rescued life she lived, I’m sure. Peace to you all in the coming days.

  19. I am so sorry for your loss Jo! I truly do know how you feel – we lost our Beagle last month. We had him for almost 12 years and I haven’t even been able to post about it yet. I hope that you will find comfort in knowing that that little pup was blessed and that you gave her a good home.

  20. Sorry for the loss of Gracie. This is always a tough decision with pets. I’m sure your house will seem like someone is missing for a while. Prayers for you.

  21. Oh, no, so very sorry! I can’t see the computer monitor through the tears on your behalf. I so enjoyed your posts with Gracie intertwined in the pics. Hugs and prayers for peace and comfort…

  22. I’m so so sorry Jo! She certainly “graced” your life while she was with you, and her life was so much happier because of all of you. The true joy is in knowing that you will see her again and there will be no more pain.

  23. i’m so sorry that you have to go thru this. we lost four beloved pets over the last couple years, the most recent a year ago february, and i still tear up thinking about all of them. just remember that she is at peace now and think about her romping through the fields chasing rabbits and waiting until she gets to see you again. it gets a little easier with time, i’m sure you know that, but i don’t think it ever stops hurting all the way. you should consider getting another dog in a while. it won’t replace gracie, but it will lessen the pain. take care and try to be brave.

  24. Jo~I’m so sorry to hear about Gracie! I always loved seeing her on your newest quilt that you were sharing. I’m going to give you the biggest hug when I see you at Country Threads in a few weeks. Such a sad day.

  25. I am so sorry to hear about Gracie’s passing. Not to long ago we lost both our adult beagles…we now have three more and don’t what we would do without any of them.

  26. I sit here in tears as I read your post. I am so very sorry for your loss, Jo, and send love and prayers to you and your family.
    Love Donna

  27. I’m so sorry for your loss. I feel your pain but remember that Gracie had a good life with you and your family and was a very happy dog. Hugs to you and your family.

  28. I’m so very sorry to hear of the loss of Gracie. I too am sitting here crying as I type this. Such a very difficult decision, but it certainly does sound like it was the right one. Gracie was very lucky to have adopted by such a loving family. In the last 14 years we’ve had to put three dogs and two cats down, and I still get teary whenever I think of each and every one of them.

  29. We have a beloved rescue beagle. Husband found her on a snowy night, skinny, shivering, orange collar but all by herself. He lured her into his car using peanut butter crackers, so her name is Peanut. When she got home she took a look around the room at the six of us and went strait to older daughter. She has been her dog ever since. It took a good year before she stopped jumping at every noise/look/movement. Now she is a blanket hound, dearly beloved. We can’t imagine life without her. How is it that there are people in the world who throw away such wonderful dogs?

  30. (((((((((((((((((((Hugs!)))))))))))))))))) I’m so sorry. I know that you miss her deeply. Don’t know where we’d be without our rescue beagle, Maggie. She has been the best dog for our family. Rescue animals are the best!

  31. I’m so sorry things turned out so bad for Gracie….and sad for your family. I still tear up when I think of my son’s Chocolate Lab who died of cancer just two years ago. You have my sympathy for your loss. Once some time passes and the time is right, another dog who needs a loving home will find you. You will know when that time is. I will miss seeing Gracie posing on all your quilts in blog pictures.

  32. I am so sorry Jo, but know that she is in a better place and is running around playing with all the other doggies and she is watching down on you and your family. We will all miss seeing her in your pictures. I know that when that day comes for my Maggie I will be a basket case. We don’t have children so she is my child and I would do anything for her and have.

  33. I’m so sorry about Gracie. That’s a very hard decision to make, but it was made with love, for her. The fact that it hurts so much is a testament that she was a wonderful dog, and that she was indeed very much loved. My thoughts are with you in this sad time :(

  34. I am so sorry to hear of Gracie’s passing. They are so much a part of the family. We lost our older german sheperd “misty girl” in November and I still think about her all the time.

  35. Watching our animals suffer through cancer or any other illness is always a tough ordeal, and it is a very difficult decision to put down your furry child. My heart goes out to you in your time of loss. May you feel comfort and peace soon,

  36. Jo —Sorry for your loss. Gracie gave you lots of love and friendship. She has no more pain. They are like our children they love us back in so many ways. Joyce

  37. I am so sorry. We don’t have pets, because we just are never home, but I have tears in my eyes for you. She knew you loved her, and she is in Heaven, all healed and perfectly happy, just waiting for you someday. The reunion will be grand!

  38. I am so sorry. I really feel for you. It is so hard to lose a loved one. I always looked forward to hearing about Gracie. My thoughts are with you in this difficult and sad time.

  39. So sorry about Gracie’s passing. I’ll miss hearing about her and seeing her on your quilts. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

  40. I am so sorry to hear about Gracie. She looks like such a sweet dog. You will always have your memories of the good times with her even though she will be missed.

  41. Oh Jo! I am so sorry to hear about Gracie…such a sweetie and she always added such charm to all your quilts!! I will miss seeing her on your blog!! The first few weeks will be the hardest but time will heal. You and your family are in my thoughts…big hug!

  42. Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge.
    When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge. There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together. There is plenty of food, water and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable.

    All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor. Those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by. The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing; they each miss someone very special to them, who had to be left behind.

    They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. His bright eyes are intent. His eager body quivers. Suddenly he begins to run from the group, flying over the green grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster.

    You have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart.

    Then you cross Rainbow Bridge together….

    Author unknown…

  43. So sorry about Gracie! I have been there and done that with a dog going into surgery and not coming out so I know what that is like and it is awful. Big hugs.

  44. I’m so sorry for your loss. I know you gave her a chance and loved her while you had her.
    I’m sitting here in tears and I don’t personally know you or her, but I know the pain of losing a loved one. My thoughts are with you during this time of grief.

  45. I am very sorry you had to put Gracie to sleep. It is a heartbreaking decision, but it was a compassionate thing to do for her. I’m glad she didn’t have to wait a week for her surgery. I’ll be thinking about you and your family.

  46. My heart is aching for you and your family. Your Gracie is fortunate to have been given the wonderful home and family you gave her. She won the lottery when you rescued her. The empty place in your heart will be filled with all the good times and memories you shared with Gracie.

  47. I’m so sorry. I was so hoping it was operable. I’m sure you’ll never forget her and you have only good, happy times to look back on. Thinking of you and your family.

  48. Dorothy Countryman

    I have 2 rescue dogs, a Boxer and Boston Terrier. I used to think I picked them but really, they picked me. It seemed in your blog, Gracie was very happy in her forever home with you and your family. My thoughts are with you and your family.

  49. I’m so sorry for the loss of your furry friend. I recently was forced to make the same decision for my 10 year closest companion and I mourn his loss each day. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

  50. I am so sorry for your loss. What a cute dog she was. I just had to make the very difficult decision to put my dog down a week ago yesterday. I had Rowdy for 14 years and we adopted him from the SPCA. He was getting so old. He didn’t seem sick but I think his heart and kidneys were starting to go and he was having accidents in the house. I cried and cried that first night and wondered if I would ever stop crying. I haven’t cried since Friday though so the grief will pass. I know how sad it is to be vacuuming up the dog hair for the last time and washing out the dog dish and putting the dog bed through the wash. Know that you are not alone in what you are going through. Losing a pet is so sad. Remember the happy times you had with Gracies.

  51. Oh, Jo. My heart dropped to the floor. I am so very sorry. She was such a sweet girl & the *perfect* quilting companion.
    I know that no one can ever take her place, but someday I hope your heart & home will be filled again.
    Until then, I am grateful that Gracie is not suffering anymore. And, as they always say, (& I believe it’s true) she will be waiting for you just over the Rainbow Bridge.
    All my love to you during this time.

  52. I can barely see the computer as I type this. GREAT BIG HUGS sent your way, Jo!
    I had to take our youngest to the vet this week also. ( She doesn’t know that she is a cat, and frankly neither do we!) Sounds like her kidneys are not working the best. So, it is just a matter of time, it could be a few months to a couple of years, depending on how fast they shut down.

    Gracie is as close as your fondest memories.
    SE MN

  53. So sorry for your loss. Pets really do become such a large part of our families. Feel thankful that you gave her a great home in which to enjoy her last years.

  54. OH I’m so sorry you have had to make this decision. Losing a family pet is very much like losing a child as far as the pain we feel in our heart. I cried for days and days after losing my cat. It really is so hard.
    Big hugs. I know it doesn’t take away your pain, but at least poor Gracie won’t have to deal with the pain.

  55. Your whole wonderful family will miss Gracie for a long time. Rest assured that you made the right decision to give her the final act of kindness so that she suffered no more. It still leaves a hole in your heart when you think of her. So sorry for the loss of a truly great dog.

  56. So sorry. Remember all the fun times you had with Gracie, all the quilts she helped with. The good years you gave her after she joined your family. Time will help ease the pain and someday a new puppy will come to live with you and start new memories. Thinking of you.

  57. Sorry to hear of your loss. Just remember all the good times you had with her. I’m sure she had a much better life with you and was thankful you picked her to be part of your family.

  58. Tears were flowing freely here…and that was before telling Matt. Since we found out right before bed I thought it best to wait til the morning to tell him. Super sad hearts here at our house tonight! We will miss her, Auntie Jo Gracie!

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  60. Oh, Jo, I am so sorry, (((((((hugs)))))))) Gracie will be missed by all of us, but I know you will miss her even more. I pray your pain will be eased by knowing you made the hard-for-you right-for-her choice. Another four-legged fur baby that needs your love will be waiting for you when you are ready for it. Gracie will be in your heart and memories forever, and you will remember the happy times with her.

  61. Hi Jo — so sorry to her about Gracie she will be waiting at the Rainbow Bridge remember no one will replace her but have you ever read the last will and testement of a rescue dog . In summery the old dog leaves all its belongings – bed toys leash blanket and also the love its family has to another dog in rescue so it will know all the love and warmth you have to give. I know how difficult it is to think of but it is the quickest way to heal the hurting

  62. So sorry to hear about Gracie. Please accept my heartfelt sympathy. They say you have never known real love until you have owned a pet. Thank you for taking the risk and adopting an older pet. She had a wonderful life with you and your family.

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