Last Saturday

Earlier this week I told you about the party we had for Kalissa last weekend.  Well the kids stayed on into Saturday…all except Kelli.   She was off to attend a bachelorette party for her sister in law.  The house was full and busy.  Neighbor Girl came over too.  My kids have so much fun with her.  She even showed off her cooking skills and with Kayla’s supervision she made waffles for all of us!

From there Karl was off to start his day.  He was in a wedding of high school friends.  His girlfriend Renae stayed and hung out with us.  We all had big hopes and plans for the day but the weather didn’t cooperate.  It was rainy and wet so our outdoor plans had to be brought inside.

The kids slowly started leaving until it was only Renae, Neighbor Girl and me.  Renae needed to get ready for the wedding so Hubby kicked me to the sewing room to work on that graduation quilt that I needed for the next day.  Neighbor Girl decided she’d continue hanging out with me in the sewing room.  Next thing I knew she was at the machine sewing another quilt.


I’ve gotten so if fabric is donated to my house I cut it into 5″ squares.  She can take a pile of them and start sewing.  She sewed this up in about an hour.  I pin the rows together for her…well I did this time.  Next time I think that’s going to be her new skill to learn.

She’s in love with this one and wanted to keep working on it and put it on the machine and quilt it but that’s what I was busy doing and the machine was full.


I had the quilting machine with the graduation quilt all set and ready.  I turned it on and started to go when UGH!!!!!!!!!  I realized the lower tension was not right.  Well I already had the done a 20″ x 20″ corner and now all of it needed to be ripped out.  I was so frustrated.  It took about 45 minutes to get it all ripped out and going again.  I was really careful checking each and EVERY time I switched a bobbin.  While Neighbor Girl complete her little top, I only got two passes done on the graduation quilt.

Our eating schedule was a little screwed up because we ate waffles at 10am..not really breakfast and not really lunch.  We ended up going downstairs and made pizza.  I really wanted to order pizza but when I gave Neighbor Girl the option she said, “It will save us money if we make it rather than order it.”  TRUE.  Dang.  I wanted to indulge but she was right and I needed to support her good decisions so we made pizza.

We decided to experiment and put string cheese in the crust for stuffed crust pizza hack.  Here she is fixing it.

She did a great job with it.  She’s actually a big help and put the pizza all together once I made the crust.

In between all of this, I got to visit quite a bit with Renae.  All the times they have been here before Karl or other family members have been around so I didn’t get to know her very well.  That was nice and I really appreciated getting the chance.

By 6:00pm Neighbor Girl and Renae had both left so I flew upstairs and started working on the graduation quilt again….By 8:30pm I had it off the frame and was sewing the binding strips together.  I didn’t get it finished that day…but Sunday morning after a big morning baking session which included a HUGE batch of cinnamon rolls-enough for  for my family and company, the new neighbors that moved in, the neighbor who brought us fish and Neighbor Girl’s family-, a rhubarb dessert and rhubarb muffins…I did get the quilt finished after that.  I have a blog post written for next Friday and will tell (and show) you all about the quilt then.

It was a busy weekend but that’s okay.  It was filled with family (and Neighbor Girl) and good times….that can’t be beat.  The older I get I am finding that I am most happy with simple family times…I don’t need any fancy “escape” vacation.  I only need time doing simple things I enjoy.

4 thoughts on “Last Saturday”

  1. Betty from Canada

    That neighbour girl is going to remember you for years. Down the road of her life something will happen or someone will say something and it will trigger a memory of you and your family. Keep up the good work with her.

  2. It sounds like a busy and fun day. The neighbor girl’s quilt is pretty. I like rhubarb. Would mind sharing your rhubarb recipes?

  3. A great weekend Jo!!!! Nothing better than eating and sitting around the kitchen talking with the ones you love!!! Love hearing about Neighbor Girl! You both are lucky to have each other!!!

  4. What a wonderful week end of family time together. That pizza looks delicious and the neighbor girl is getting to be quite handy in the kitchen.

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