Last Minute UFO Finish

Yep…here it is, September 30th…There are only 30 days in September.  I realized that this morning so I scramble-scramble to finish up my UFO.

This month I had an easy UFO.  I think that is why I put my UFO off thinking I could just squeeze in a few minutes and finish it.  Well…that didn’t happen so here I am on 30th scrambling.

It’s done…done, done.

I bought this pattern when I was out to Cincinnati with the gals from Country Threads.

The pattern is from Little Bits by Joan and the pattern name is #311 Midnight Clear.  If you’re looking for the pattern, they have it at Country Threads here.

The pattern was supposed to be stitched and framed in a picture frame but I didn’t have  frame so a little pillow seamed like a good option.  A plain pillow with nothing along the seam didn’t seam like fun so I added a little wool selvage edge for some decoration.  I loved putting it on a checkered wool so I could use the fabric design to keep the little stitched blocks all lined up.

Well that’s one more project off the UFO lists.  I am still committed to getting these UFO’s tackled.  I wonder what the October UFO will be??

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  1. Love anything Country Threads, thank for the older post on thread breaking, I was have the same problem, and have tried everything. Leveled the frame today, and did a whole quilt and not one broken thread. Thanks again.

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