Last Minute Planting

Slowly we tackle project around here.  Some projects are not done because of finances.  Some are not done because of time restraints.  Some are not done because we don’t know what we want to do.

The driveway was delayed because of finances but this year we finally had enough money to tackle that project.  I’m so glad about that and don’t regret that for a minute.  It seems that lots of these projects that we tackle have repercussions to them….we fix the driveway then we have to fix the grass.  It looks a bit scrappy right now but I am so excited as the grass is coming in marvelously.  Little did Hubby know that three weeks ago when he planted it that we’d have the PERFECT weather for starting a fall seeding of grass.  It’s coming in so thick and nice.


We have the the side pull in space along the garage.  The kids park here when they come home.  After the cement was poured for the driveway we saw that we were for sure going to need to plant something along this fence.  It was at an odd angle making it hard to trim or manage with the lawn mower.  So at the beginning of October the nursery had a HUGE buy on get one free sale on plants.  I’ve bought plants late like this before and have had really good luck so I did it again.  I came home with 20 plants!!!  The problem, we’ve had trouble getting them planted as we’ve had so much rain.  Hubby helped me plant a few the day after I got them but time got away from us and the last 8 didn’t get planted.  From there, the rains came and it was too wet to plant.

Finally, it dried out enough but Hubby was in the field.  I decided that sore shoulder or not, I was going to have to get them planted and I did.  You can’t even see the plants we put in along the fence but trust me, they are there.  I can’t wait to see them next summer.  I’m hoping it’s pretty and full of blossoms.


This is my flowers to the south from my back kitchen window to the end of the privacy fence.  The last two years I’ve had climbing annuals on the trellis’ but when I was buying plants I picked up two different clematis’.  One was planted at each trellis.  Don’t mind the dirt that got flicked up on the trellis.


It’s all planted now…including some tulips.  My shoulder is sore but not as terrible as I anticipated it would be.

Part of me is super excited and anxious to see all of the blooms and the other part of me is nervous to know where my shoulder will be and if weeding or hoeing will be something I can do next year.  Pulling weeds and using a hoe are both things that hurt my shoulder the most.

Hubby and I already had a talk that the vegetable garden is going to change next year.  Everything is going to be planted far enough apart that he can sneak between the rows with the garden tiller.  That means eliminating some of the crops we typically have but it’s what we have to do in order to have any garden.

As I write this, I still haven’t heard from the specialist about my shoulder so we’re still in that awful limbo where I don’t know what is going to happen with it.  It’s an annoying place to be…..but the flowers are planted…the grass is growing and have some good things to look forward to and a few things crossed off my list.

4 thoughts on “Last Minute Planting”

  1. I hope it all comes up in the spring and I wait for some pictures of the two new Clematises that you planted. This spring I planted some wildflower butterfly mix of seeds along our white lattice and was truly disappointed with the results. We have now cleaned it all up and planted some coneflowers and some beebalm, hope we have better luck in the spring. Take it easy with your shoulder, no need to do harm to it.

  2. Charnette Harvey

    Looks great thank goodness you got them planted this afternoon it’s raining here in sw Iowa sending it your way. I know this isn’t what the farmers are wanting. Can’t wait to see your flower beds next spring. Finished my points of interest today ready to be quilted.

  3. Great picture! Your house & yard looks beautiful! I am amazed by what you & hubby have accomplished in just the few years that you’ve lived there especially that you both have full time++ jobs. I hope the dr can help your shoulder soon. Take care!!

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