Last Minute Bulb Planting

I’m out of the loop.  While the radio and television are playing Christmas adds, and the stores are decked out in Christmas hoop-la, I am busy checking the clearance section for tulip bulbs.  I know it’s late.  I know we already have had snow here…but pay that no never mind.  Bulbs are on clearance and that’s when I buy them.


That’s when I plant them.


Yep…my fingers may be cold digging in the cool ground….but the dogs are soaking up those last few rays of sweet sunshine.


Here’s our farm dog Pepper…and Gracie too.


Me…I’m just counting the days until I see those tulips bloom…I am definitely not a winter girl.

5 thoughts on “Last Minute Bulb Planting”

  1. I just got some clearance bulbs last week and I have NOT planted them yet ; we got snow last night and tomorrow is raking leaves day so I will do it then ! I hear you can plant them up until the ground freezes ………………..

  2. Nice – that’s one thing about winter – you have to have it to have great “bulb blooms”. I so wish I could get decent “bulb blooms” in the spring down here in FL.

  3. I’m so glad to see that I’m not the only one to plant tulips this late! I was out digging holes with my two-year old granddaughter the other day. Cold, frozen ground, but the bulbs are in place!
    I also want to let you know how much I have enjoyed your crumb quilting. Have had one in the works for a very long time (years!!!), hopefully it will be done this winter.
    Louise in northern Sweden

  4. People advertise Christmas waaaay to early for me and winter comes tooooo early for me. We had a skiff of snow the other night and now I am soooo ready for spring!!!!

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