The Craig and Jo Show: The New Hanging Basket Post

Kalissa had to work the overnight shift at the local ER where she works so Saturday morning Craig called and said, “The weather is super cool.  I’m trying to keep the boys from waking up Kalissa.  How about I come over and tackle a project or two?”

Oh my..there is no way to say no to an offer like that…so I quickly started getting things together so we could get something done.  If I’m going to get help, I’m going to scramble!

I had two hanging baskets on a shepherd’s hook.  Well the hooks I had either weren’t very strong or shepherd’s hooks weren’t meant for hanging baskets.  Either way, it wasn’t working.  Craig had suggested putting in a permanent pole.  Well I liked that idea so when Kalissa and went to Home Depot on the 4th of July, we got the supplies.

I tried to buy everything I could to make it as easy as possible.  We started out with a big pole support.  You can see here that Craig pounded it into the ground.

We had previously had a plant here but it’s the spot where the drain from our eave comes out so the plant would get too wet and die.  That’s one of the reasons we opted on the polt.

After the pole support was in, next went the 4 x 4 post.

After that on went the post jacket…. It’s awesome.  I don’t have to paint and will never have to paint the pole.  The jacket cost $22.98 but it was totally worth it!!

From here we measured and tried to figure out how tall we wanted the pole.  We decided on a size.  Craig cut off the 4 x 4, then he took off the post jacket and cut it.  Then he some glue and glued on the post cap.  I opted to spend a little extra and bought a solar light for the top.

Next it was time to put the plant hangers on and hang the plants.  The whole job just took a couple hours…and that was with a couple of the firemen stopping by and wrangling the boys.

I am THRILLED with the end result.  It looks fabulous.

Here’s how the front of the house looks….oh I love it!
Putting the pole in was an awesome way to “fix” the spot where a plant wouldn’t grow.  We originally had a hydrangea in that spot but it wouldn’t grow.  Having the post and hanging baskets there is a great alternative.  In fact, I think I like it even better.

I can’t tell you how pleased I am with how the house is looking!!  Every day it’s looking better and better.  As always…I’d be nowhere without Craig.  He’s been awesome to me!!

Craig and I better be careful or we’re going to have to start a step by step blog or video series on “how to’s”.  The jobs of the day didn’t stop there.  You’ll have to come back and see the other two projects we tackled.

28 thoughts on “The Craig and Jo Show: The New Hanging Basket Post”

  1. That really looks nice. So glad Craig is willing and able to help you. And the best part you got more grand baby time.

    Love, hugs and prayers coming your way.

  2. Oh, Jo!!! That pole looks STUNNING!! What a beautiful decoration there at the end of your porch. You made such a good decision on that pole jacket, too! So smart to put in something you won’t have to maintain every year or two. Craig is so nice to help you out, and babysit the boys at the same time….

  3. Darlynn Venne

    Jo, I am so happy for you that you have Craig to help you with your manual work!
    Yes, the house is looking awesome!!! One step at a time girl~

  4. Craig is a good man! You hit the son in law jackpot(& he the mother in law jackpot). The house looks fantastic.

  5. I love the Craig and Jo Show!! Your house looks like it should be on a magazine cover. You have great ideas. I am inspired to improve my front yard view.

  6. Your house looks lovely! Love the bright colors and the pole for your hanging baskets is perfect.

  7. Debbie Burgess

    I love what you did with the pole there, Jo. I was (secretly) so worried about that hydrangea that you’d planted there. If it had been happy, you’d have been battling it for years, because it would have tried to grow so big it would have intruded on your porch and walk.

    Now then, you’ve given me some GREAT ideas, too. I’m sure Farmer Bob will be thrilled! hahaha


  8. Your plant hanger pole looks great…the landscaping all around your house is lovely. It’s wonderful that Craig is so handy & willing to help out. Kalissa picked a good one!

  9. Penny Holliday

    Perfect! The hanging pole with it’s sleeve, the flower filled baskets & solar light make such a beautiful & inviting entry! Great finishing touch to your landscaping!

  10. Judith Fairchild

    Lovely lovely front porch. It says welcome come on in to visitors. So many houses have stay out decoration or just plain nothing in their front yards. your’s is so beautifully done. Craig and you having a how to blog would be a good idea since your whole family seems to be do it right folks.

  11. Donna Pheneger

    Your house is lovely – and the landscaping! Wonderful! Lucky you to have a s-i-l that will pop over and help – in fact, I’ve noticed your whole family is like that! What a blessing!
    Love and prayers

  12. It is stunning and the fact that its maintenance free is awesome. I think all your flowers are gorgeous on the porch, looks marvelous. Nice job Craig and Jo, looking forward to the other projects on your list. Boys look happy playing outside.

  13. The Craig and Jo Show! Love it! I’m a quilter and enjoy our garden in summer too. You made this look like a straightforward project—can’t believe you did two more! Thanks for the inspiration!

  14. I love your pole idea! What an awesome s-i-l Craig is!! You have a wonderful family with awesome spouses, you surely hit the jackpot with everyone. I have some good ones as well but for one lol. Are there any readers here that know where abouts in Home Depot the sleeve and pole toppers are located? I’m sure wanting to put a few of these poles in my flower bed so I can have a double decker flower garden. God bless you and your loved ones Jo.

  15. Oh I love the pole! That’s just what we need at our house. Unfortunately, we don’t have helpers to get it accomplished, so I’ll just admire yours. We have people that mow, but that’s the extent of it.

    What a blessing that Craig can come to help. It looks fabulous!

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