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We’ve been wanting to spruce up the outside of the house ever since we finished the remodel.  But…we’ve done landscape stuff at other places we’ve lived only to have to redo them because we didn’t like it or we didn’t do it “right”.  This time we wanted to do it right so we waited until we really knew what we wanted.

You might remember last year the Catholic church here in town had a rummage sale selling the contents of the parsonage and then burned it down.  You can read the whole story HERE.

Well at the rummage sale I noticed that there were some great limestone landscape edging pieces.  I told Kramer I loved them and wanted them….and so we got them.  There were a lot and I’m so thankful for that as there was enough to do a few projects.

First up…the front of the house…..

Kramer was not feeling well….did he sit in the chair???  NO.  Yes.  He does drive me crazy.  He does.  (well in situations like this he does!!)

Thankfully Kalissa and Craig showed up and Kramer finally backed off.

Carver was a helper outside.  He’s at that great age where he wants to help and actually will.  If he stayed this way forever, that would be great but from my experience with my own kids…video games and the like will call and he won’t be as good of a help.  I’m enjoying now.

Here is our final result.
The shrubs were all cut back a lot so they would be easier to landscape around.  It actually looks better than the picture shows.

We had enough energy and decided to landscape the Kramer rock too.

Here too we cut all the plants way back.  If we give give it a month or so, everything will look so much nicer.

Here’s Carver checking it all out.

I LOVE the limestone and am so happy to be recycling it.  We have a couple more places we want to do…I’m so hoping there is enough limestone.  I don’t know if I can find more of this edging.

After everything was done…it was time for a break.  Kramer is really strange in that he will just lay out like he is and rest.  Craig does it too….

so of course, Carver did too.

…and there are three of my favorite guys.

If you’re wondering, Kramer did give our work the stamp of approval.  So far, I love it and am eager to see how it will all look once the plants leaf out.  I know one thing for sure, the maintenance on these spots is going to be so much easier.

9 thoughts on “Landscape Report”

  1. Hour Kramer rock is so cool. This may sound crazy but is it a sticker or it it engraved on the stone? Nothing like doing a little landscaping to perk your spirits up. It’s been a tough spring in many ways for you. The best picture of the day is the three boys resting on the porch. Such great memories being created for Carver.

  2. Spring has sprung! the landscaping will be easy to care for and looks great. I see parts of Iowa are getting snow today, hope its passing you by. Love the guys laying on the porch, memories of 3 generations getting it done.

  3. It looks so nice!! Good job, everyone! Hey Jo… I sent you a message on Facebook..could you read it please? I’m not seeing a response and have no idea how often you check it. Thanks!

  4. It must be frustrating for you and Kramer. It is likely a fine line for him between doing things that feed his soul with some work outside and over doing it. It looks great.

  5. Jeanie from sw Illinois

    Your landscaping project looks great. I love the picture of three generations taking a rest–so cute!

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