Lamenting on my Foot

My left foot is still plaguing me.

When I was in to the foot doctor on Friday I was told I had a plantar plate injury near my second toe.  I really didn’t know what that was…the doctor was great at explaining it but when I got home I did some investigation via the computer on my own.  It says, “The plantar plate is a thick ligament type structure with attachments which inserts into the base of our phalanges (toe bones) in the area of the ball of the foot. The plantar plate is designed to protect the head of the metatarsal from pressure and prevent over extension of our toes.”

Well after a week of taping I was back to the doctor.  (Sorry…I know my feet aren’t cute!)

The taping was a little annoying but well worth it.  My foot completely quit hurting.  I was so HAPPY…SO HAPPY.

I thought I was on my way to a happy foot but I was wrong.I got into the office on Friday and told the doctor how happy I was…He was glad to see the progress too.

He removed the tape and checked my foot.  All was good.  He said the next step was to try to come up with something that would simulate the taping but not be tape.  His suggestion was to cut out and put a padding almost like cork board on these Ped Pillow arch supports in the toe area.

I was game and excited.  My foot had never felt so good.

I left the doctor’s office happy and by the time I got home…SAD.

The old injury that I had back in August was now back.  My foot was now VERY painful in my arch and up into my ankle where it hurt for my last injury.  The insoles were no good.  They hurt my food badly.

I have very flat feet.  That insole in my foot was just not the right thing at all.  The packaging says there is no arch…but according to my foot…there is an arch and it doesn’t feel good.  Kayla was home and I tried to explain it to her.  For her the arches felt great as she has super high arches like her dad.  I explained it to Kelli making her try on the arches and she could really understand it.  She has flat feet like me.  The arches felt yucky to her too.

I was confused at what to do.  Take the arches out…make my newer toe injury hurt or leave the arches in and make my arch and ankle hurt.  There was really no win.

The girls and Hubby encouraged me to call in to the doctor and I did…but it was Friday.  They were out of the office and gone for the weekend.  UGH.

The doctor did go over what type of shoes I need to wear.  None of the three pairs of running shoes I bought last year fit his recommendations.  UGH.  I didn’t think I should wear any of them.  The pair I do have that he though would be good for my feet hurt my newer injury.  There was just no winning.

Finally on Sunday morning I decided to take my favorite shoes that make my feet feel the best and tweak them.  I took fun foam and a piece of batting.  I used basting spray and stuck them together.  I cut the same shape the doctor cut.  Then I took the insole that’s normally in my shoe and attached the fun foam/batting piece to the insole.  My foot felt better…perfect no but better than Saturday.

The kids were really good and did most of the work this weekend when we were all together.  That helped a lot.

I did leave a message with the nurse on Friday.  Hopefully I’ll get a call back today and we can figure out a better solution.  I hope we can get it fixed.  It’s so frustrating when on Friday morning my foot felt perfect….absolutely perfect.  Right now I have a bit of pain on both injuries…The good news…there is a fix-I’m sure.  The bad news…it is not a quick fix.

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  1. Never a quick fix! Are there any exercises you can do that will help it? I found some that were for Plantar Faciatis that helped, but still took a YR of doing them for it to go away. One of the most helpful ones that might help you, is a plastic bottle of water frozen, then after walking I would roll my foot on for a few min.
    This might help you even though it is not the same injury.

  2. I’m sorry that you re-injured your foot…but I just love that you got quilting supplies and created a solution for the weekend!

  3. Try Vet Wrap – from local horse tack supply company. It gives support and is not tape and is fairly inexpensive.

  4. I have a very expensive made for me insert because of a break. Wort every dime I spend when I replace every year or two. No pretty shoes but I’m old and I now have Happy feet.


    I have had my foot problems, I am a retired letter carrier. Plantar injuries take a while to heal. I taped my foot for about 6-8 weeks. It just felt better when I taped it. Then, and I know you live in a small town, find a shoe store that specializes in fitting shoes.

    My favorite shoe store around here knows what shoes will be right for my feet. He has no problem with telling me that a particular shoe will not be a good fit and why. He also knows which shoes/brands he carries run a little too small or large. He’s been right every time. My feet no longer hurt.

    I have fallen arches and wide feet, not to mention the past foot injuries and my feet are happy. Bad shoe fit can effect not only your feet, but your knees, hips, back and shoulders too. I even have some really fun sandals that are dressy that are good for my feet.

    Hang it there, you will find what makes your feet feel good. Don’t be afraid to tape them longer.

  6. Hey there,
    I am just like Bonnie above. Flat wide feet and low arches. I have had plantar problems for years and years. Docs made me inserts and kept me using “special” shoes etc for like 20 years until I put my foot down and asked for a solution instead of just treating the symptoms all the time. So I got sent to a very good physiotherapist who first of all took away my inserts then kept my foot taped up for possibly 6-12 weeks while we where doing exersizes for the foot at least 3 times a week. Some I think I did every day.

    This was 5 years ago and I’ve rarely had any problems since.

    I’ll provide you with one here that I could find on youtube that is really really good. Add to that calfraises ( like 5 times 20 if you can) preferably on the first step of a stair or something that lets your heal go below level if you know what I mean.

    And last but not least (hope I can describe this properly) stand on your feet and just lift up your heels like an inch above the floor and go down again, turn up again just before you reach the floor. Go up-down-up-down and so on. Keep a tempo and try to do it as long as you can or at least 5 times 1 minute or so.

    Here is the video I spoke about. Really good exersize for the arch.

    An appointment at a good qualified physiotherapist might help you with this if you have one near by. Otherwise this is my recommendations from my own experience. They have made wonders for me and today if I ever feel the slightest of pain from this old injurie I start with these exersizes at once and do them for a few weeks then the pain is gone again.


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