La Petite`

Last night I didn’t have to teach class….so I enjoyed a little time with this.


This is the start of Paganini, a Schnibble pattern from Miss Rosie’s Quilt Company.  I am opting to do the solid color version.  I have always wanted to do a solid color quilt so when I saw the option I knew I would make it.

Cut my 5″ squares with my Accuquilt Go! and my 5″ die….fun and fast.  I even got a few blocks sewn together.

I am making this quilt as part of the Le Petite` online quilting group.

You are welcome to join us…Our first project is to cover our ironing boards.  The second project is the quilt I just started.  To learn more about the group, check out Pink Pincushion and Sinta will give you the details.

The Fall in to Fall giveaway is still going on.
If you are looking for my Fall into Fall giveaway, follow this link.

2 thoughts on “La Petite`”

  1. To cover the ironing board was included in this group? I’m already lost! :(

    I really like my Paganini quilt and can’t wait to see yours. The solids will look stunning!

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