Kraut Again….

I was out cleaning out what is left of the garden and there were more cabbages.  All of the cabbage I had previously cut off had grown back with small heads and they needed to be used.

So….more kraut….Sauerkraut.


This time around I used the KitchenAid RVSA Slicer/Shredder Attachment for Stand Mixers.  Last time we used the food processor.  This was by far MUCH faster.  In a matter of one hour, I was able to pick, clean and chop enough cabbage to fill a five gallon crock to the top.  That was so fast.

We are trying a version of making it in crock.  I hope this time it turns out better than last time.

I am hooking up with Homestead Revival.

3 thoughts on “Kraut Again….”

  1. I hope it turns out well for you this time. My dad talks about getting paid a couple of nickels or so when he was a boy for packing shredded cabbage in earthenware crocks, packing them with salt and burying them in the ground. He claimed it made great kraut and made hima little movie money to boot! Good luck.

  2. Good luck with this new sauerkraut !
    And thanks for the link, I am very interested in the deshydrator experiments, I’l give a try next week with apples. Last time my figs turned out very crispy, it was not what I wanted…

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