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Hello from the land of the lost…

Let me explain. Saturday morning we had a storm go through out area. I brought LOTS of rain.

We had three inches in such a short time.

There wasn’t a lot of lightening but there was one huge crack.  At that time I was on the phone with Kalissa.  I told her that I thought something blew.

We later found out that we lost our modem, the cordless phones and the kitchen television.  So…for the last few days we’ve had not internet…IT IS SO HARD!!

Worse of all…I was told by Windstream that it might take until August 9th!!  Are you kidding me?!?!  August 9th.  I told them that all of you are waiting on me…they didn’t seem sympathetic.  Then I told them that something really has to happen soon.  They told me they’d try for July 31st.  Realistically that’s still a long wait.  THANKFULLY I had several blog posts already written and thankfully Kalissa lives across town and will let me used her internet.  It’s really hard though…she’s tired in the evening..I’m tired.  It’s hard to pack everything up and go over to write blog posts.

That’s where things are now…If anyone needs me, you can reach me at

Thanks for all the anniversary wishes.  We had a great day.

Stop by Friday.  I’ll let you know what’s happening with surgery.

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  1. Wow! I am sorry, that is awful. Another blogger I read got hit by lightning a few weeks ago and it took out a bunch of their plumbing, which meant ripping out their kitchen floor including the concrete. Who knew!?! Hope they surprise you with service sooner than expected. Meanwhile, enjoy the 1990’s, eh?

  2. Our house got hit by lightening once….long before the Internet and modems and such things….but it fused electric wires all over the place and the security alarm couldn’t be turned off. It was terrifying!

    I’m glad nobody was hurt and your house wasn’t set on fire. By the way, please send us some of that rain, will ya? We’re in an awful drought and are going to be dry lotting all our sheep tomorrow to give the grass in the pastures a break since it’s just trying to survive at this point.

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