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For those of you who were here early this morning and a blog post wasn’t I’m so sorry.  We’re all okay….just had a crazy overload yesterday.

Yesterday was our day to take Kramer back to Lacrosse for the next step on his lung cancer journey.

It was his day for mapping and to get a port.  It was also the day to get the radiation schedule.

Check out the sign below.  We graduated and are now allowed to park in the close parking lot…the one for oncology patients.  There is even a specific spot for radiation patients.  It’s not really a place we wanted to be but here we are and we’re going to do all we can to get in, get out and get DONE with this cancer.

The mapping was done first.  That consists of laying in a big bean bag type piece that molds to his body shape.  Every time Kramer goes for radiation they get out his mold and he lays in that exact mold for his treatment.  They then took another chest CT all in an effort to find the correct settings on the radiation machine to best blast his cancer.

We also got another overload of information.  NEVER, NEVER, EVER let any cancer patient go to meetings with the doctor by themselves.  There is too much information to take in for a person who is not dealing with it let alone the person who is dealing with it.  I don’t know how many times I have said something that was discussed at the appointment to Kramer and he “didn’t hear it” or didn’t understand it the way I did.  It truly is hard.  The good news in all of that is that they do give us a folder with all the information we discussed so that is very helpful.

After that, we were off to the hospital portion.  We needed to go there so Kramer could get his port put in.  That was easier than we expected.  He opted to not be put under for the procedure.  He’s so tired of the foggy effects of being put under.  He opted to stay awake.  He’s such a goof.  He asked them if he could watch them do it.  AHHH!!  Who can do that??  It ended up not working for him to…but seriously who would even request that??

By the time we got out of the hospital it was 2pm and he had not eaten.  So to the closed gas station we went.  He’s a gas station food guy.  Besides, if you’ve been in the area, you know our Kwik Trip stations have good food.

If you remember the joke has been that every time we go to Lacrosse the weather is terrible.  We either go early to beat a snowstorm, stay because it was bad or drive home in weather that has just been bad.  This time we thought we might be in the clear.  Not quite…..

This time it was flooding….We drive through a little town in Minnesota called Hokah.  When we went through town on the way there, we could see that the water was high but didn’t think much of it.  On the way home, there was a sign that said the road was closed.  We aren’t super familiar with the roads so we thought we’d keep heading that way and see.

We got to town and the road was still open but only one lane and it was monitored that only one car could drive through at a time as the flood water was going over the road.  We were able to drive through.

We ended up getting into Decorah and heard that the road had closed.  We just made it through.

We came home to a house full of people.  Including KARL!!!  See??Karl is home from Texas.

…and that’s why this post is late and that’s why I am ending the post right here.  This momma has got to hang out with her boy!

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  1. Prayers continuing for you guys. I had the journey 5 years ago. It was tiring for all of us. Keep the faith. ❤️✝️

  2. Over 15 years ago, I had a radio-frequency ablation for supraventricular achycardia (very fast heart rate), where they snaked a lead through my vein to the heart. They said I’d be sedated and I was looking forward to watching. Of course, I remember practically nothing of the procedure. So yes, Jo, there are some of us who are curious about what’s going on. Glad Karl’s home and best wishes for Kramer and you all.

  3. Definitely need at least 4 ears when dealing with all the information you get bombarded with at the oncology depatments. I got tatoos when I did radiation. Glad you have your family to help. Positive thoughts for Kramer, you and your family.

  4. One more step forward on this journey.( That nobody wants to take). So happy your son is home. Family is always the best especially during challenging times like these. Still praying for you guys.

  5. Glad to hear things are progressing towards getting rid of that cancer. How great that Karl was able to come home. Go enjoy the family! Hugs!

  6. Hi Jo!
    Ah-h-h- Hugs from you kids are just the kind of balm you and Kramer need. Enjoy Karl being home!!
    Its so nice that the special parking is provided for Oncology patients – ours was inside and 2 floors down from the treatment area. Praying for you both as you go through this part of the treatment.

  7. So glad your Karl could come home to be with you for a visit. Prayers for Kramer and you, the care taker. So often the care taker is taken for granted so please take care of yourself. Love and hugs to both of you.

  8. Have a great time with Karl and rest of your family!! The next step for Kramer will be in my prayers ! ENJOY all the special times with your family.

  9. So glad Karl is home, must be spring break!!! You and hubby enjoy your son! What a journey you are on Jo, one step at a time!

  10. You should have been there when Leif got stitches on his hand after ripping it open on the chain link fence at the playground. He was asking the doctor every questing he could think of, including whether or not that thing in there was his vein (it was) while I was standing with my face to the corner trying not to pass out from the thought.

  11. Mary Ann Mettler

    What a sweet time with family! Glad you made it home without having to do a detour. Enjoy your family time and one day at a time as you go through this journey.

  12. Prayers Jo to you all from the UK. Great to see Karl home again. Enjoy the precious time. Kramer seems to have the right approach to this unkind illness and will keep him in my heart and mind.

  13. Family brings so much comfort and joy. I’m so glad yours is there for you and Kramer. So awesome that you get to hang out with Karl. I so admire your relationships with your children. And I also continue to be so inspired by your attitude with what’s happening at this time in your life. You and Kramer are in my thoughts and prayers.

  14. Susan the Farm Quilter

    Glad you made it home safely and that Karl was there to greet you!! It’s actually really cool to see the doctor operating on you, if you are “that” kind of person. I’ve watched 3 arthroscopic knee surgeries on my left knee…TV right by my head and the doctor explaining what we were seeing! Awesome!!!

  15. Good for him for getting the port. My stepdad flat refused and wound up having to go back an extra time every week to get flushed. He would never agree but I think it added unneeded stress to the whole chemo thing just because he’s stubborn!

  16. Funny…..I heard about the flooding in Hokah, MN twice now today. Hubby’s cousin lives somewhere near there. Sure hope the flooding is nothing like what’s been going on here in NE. Enjoy your visit with your boy!

  17. So glad Karl is home with you guys. Your family is on my prayer list as you go through this treatment for your dear husband. God Bless and keep all of you.

  18. We want to see Karl too! Let’s see a picture of Karl with Georgia! Karl with Gannon! Of course, Karl with Carver! And Karl with his daddy! And his Mama! His sisters!! Well, what a different family Karl has come home to!! I hope y’all enjoy your time together. I am sure you will fix all his favorite foods and I know he will be an immense help to you in so many ways. Take care!

  19. Let Karl know that there is a need for teachers in St. Cloud. I know it’s not as close but would be a good place

  20. Welcome home Karl1 Maybe there is a local job for him in the future. Sounds like progress is being made for Kramer. When I was going through radiation, I said a lot of prayers. Thankfully it was only 5 min at a time but Kramer might have to learn meditation. I would be antsy if I had to stay any longer. Enjoy your family time, two babies, all of your kids and Kramer!

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