Kramer Update: Plan “H”

Well here we are.  We’re on plan “H”.  We’ve been through plan “A” on Kramer’s cancer journey…that was the lung surgery that was unsuccessful.

Then we went to plan “B”.  That was radiation and chemo.

Then we went to plan “C” which was bone cancer.

Then plan “D” the broken neck.

We got sidetracked on our way to plan “E” with what we thought was pneumonia.

Then on Tuesday after the PET scan, we skipped right past plans “F” and “G” to plan “H”.  Plan “H” for us is hospice care.

We were at the clinic bright and early for the PET scan on Tuesday morning.  We weren’t supposed to see the doctor that day but I called and started pushing that we get the results the same day.  I saw Kramer and saw the toll the long back and forth car trips were taking.  I didn’t want him to have to go back to Lacrosse on Wednesday just to hear the results of the PET scan.  So I messaged our nurse.  I told her we needed this appointment to happen that day …and it did.

We were told that PET scan results take 2 1/2 hours to come back at best.  The only appointment they had seemed to be in the afternoon with the main doctor.  I continued to push and offer that we were willing to see either of the PA’s as we have seen and like both of them.  There was a receptionist that I loved from the start of all of this and more or less begged for her to make it happen sooner.  Then there was a hope that maybe we could see one of the PAs closer to lunch time.  That was MUCH better.  Kramer was called back into the office at 1 1/2 hours time and we didn’t have a real appointment.  That’s when we heard the news….The scan was bad enough that about three doctors on the team had already seen the scan and they had all consulted.  All agreed that our fight was over and and the leaving time had begun.

Kramer’s lungs are full of cancer (except the spot that was radiated).  That spot was completely clear.  He has cancer in his neck still.  He has cancer in his hip and his femur…his colon, along with multiple other places that they didn’t even go into detail about.  It’s too aggressive.  It’s too much.  It’s not anything they can treat so the details of where it all is is pointless.

The doctor was great.  Our nurses that came in.  They were great.  Everyone was VERY kind.  There are no other treatment possibilities for Kramer.  So that is when we were moved to plan “H”…HOSPICE.

For those of you who don’t know about hospice, it’s nurses and social workers that come in to our home and make life as comfortable as possible for Kramer.  Once people get to this stage everything is expedited for the patient through hospice.  Keeping Kramer comfortable and finding moments of happiness is our priority.

Karl is on his way home….I need a big Karl hug.  We all do.  Seriously, he’s the best hugger.

We’re muddling through…all of us are sad but trying hard to find ways to smile.  We don’t want Kramer’s last times with us sad and unhappy.

As far as the blog goes, I’ll be in and out.  Posts might not be as regular or about crafty topics.  It will likely be more of our family life as right now, that’s really all I care about.  I promise at some point, I’ll be back at it again on a regular basis.  Please know if I don’t post all the time…I’m okay…We’re okay.   We are watching out for each other and will make sure we’re all okay.  Our kids and now the grandkids have always been a refuge for me….I’m going to need them….and so the leaving time begins.

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  1. Hugs from flooded Illinois. This news brings tears to my eyes. Family is first and everything else can wait. Glad Karl is coming home. I’m sure having the kids within touching range will be good for all.

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