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Hi All…
Kalissa here.  I have been heading up the sales of Kramer Strong T-shirts.
I packaged a ton of shirts last night and I are delivering a TON today, and I’m still waiting for invoices to be paid on some!

Many people missed the deadline for ordering the first bunch of shirts and asked that we offer them again so here we are!

Please use one form per shirt order – $20 per shirt – all proceeds go to the Kramer family to help cover expenses – $3 shipping per shirt up to $9 – true to size Gildan t-shirts! Kids T shirts available!

If you already ordered a shirt I just took about 20 packages to the post office this morning!

Fill out the link below 👇🏻

3 thoughts on “Kramer Strong Shirts”

  1. Hey Kallista, I made a donation to the family and when I paid it it was $23, instead of the $20 I was giving, so did that mean I paid for a shirt? Thanks, if so, please sell to someone else.

  2. Hi Kalissa, this is a great job you are doing! I so admire how you girls are all pulling together together and have such a wealth of gifts and experience to bring to the table. I won’t order a t-shirt as I’m in the UK but will endeavor to continue to make a monthly donation to the Kramer funds. Much love to you all xx

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