Kramer Family Update

I have family news for you today.  It’s not news I was planning on telling yet but Kalissa put a blog post up on Sunday and I thought some of you might have read it so I probably should elaborate on it.

On Sunday the 1st Karl was at my house.  He said he had a headache and took some Tylenol when he was here.

Monday morning he called me said he didn’t feel the best but work was supposed to be crazy so he thought he’d take some Tylenol and go.  He did and made it through work just fine.  He came here and had supper with Kelli, Craig, the kids, and me.  He was going to mow the lawn and told him to just skip it.  He said no, he at least wanted to mow his lawn.  So he did.

Tuesday came and Karl felt terrible.  He called in sick.  He had a rapid Covid test done as now we started to wonder if this was all more than a headache, more than a cold, and could possibly be Covid.  The test came back negative.

Wednesday came around.  Karl’s co-worker ended up sick.  She went in, got tested and her test came back positive.  UGH.

Karl had all of the same symptoms she had…Hmmm.

Thursday Karl went and had another rapid Covid test done.  It came back negative.  UGH.

What?  We were all so surprised.

Karl had the Johnson and Johnson vaccine back in April.  Okay…the vaccine saved him.  This was the flu.

Karl spent Tuesday through Friday doing nothing at all.   He slept most of the day…most of the night.  He had a temperature of just over 100 the entire time.

I took off Thursday and Friday from childcare as I was so suspicious that it was Covid…but the tests came back negative each time.  I still was nervous I was going to get this “flu” that Karl had and didn’t want to pass it on to the childcare families so out of caution, I canceled sure that I would get what he had.

In the meantime, we all stayed away from Karl too.

Saturday came around.   Kalissa and I had a shopping day planned.  I thought about canceling but I seemed fine.  I decided I was overacting.

We had a great time.

On the way home, we decided to call Karl and check up on him.

Karl said he thought he was doing a little worse.  He had a cough now and was getting a bit of pain in his chest.  Ah…finally Kalissa and thought.  He has pneumonia.  That explains all of this.  While we were on the phone I told him to take his temperature.  Yep, still over 100.  Karl had pneumonia.  Kalissa and I told him to go to urgent care.  Antibiotics and he’d be on the mend.

Kalissa and I went about our day.  Karl went to urgent care.

Late that afternoon Karl called.  He has Covid.  UGH.

Being Karl is a bigger guy they offered him the option of doing an infusion.  He decided he would even though the insurance wasn’t going to be the best about covering it.  I told him we’ll all figure a way to afford it…his health was the most important thing.

Karl left urgent care with instructions to come back the next day for the infusion.  Later that evening I was just getting out of the shower dripping wet when Kalissa called me.  She said that she had just talked to Karl and urgent care had called him back.  The radiologist read his chest x-ray and he thought Karl should be on meds for pneumonia too.  I quickly looked at the clock.  It was 35 minutes to the pharmacy closing.  We are 30 minutes away on a good day.  I decided I wanted Karl to have those antibiotics so I threw on clothes, wet hair and all, and jumped into my car.

Getting there would be nip and tuck.  On the way, I realized I wouldn’t make it.  Then Kalissa called me and she told me she called the pharmacy and told them to have the medicine ready and that I was coming.  They stated they strictly close at 7pm and no they wouldn’t stay open for any extra time.  UGH.  I still wanted to try.  I didn’t speed terribly.  64mph was all I did.

Then it hit me.  Kelli was driving to work so she could be there for her overnight shift.  She was would be driving past the pharmacy.  I quickly called Kelli.  She was only a mile from the pharmacy so she stopped and picked up the medicine.

She left the medicine in her car and left her car unlocked.  I picked up the medicine from Kelli’s car.

Ta-da!!  We did it.

I went and got drinking water and Gatorade for Karl…wearing a mask the whole time and then delivered the goods to Karl.  Porch drop only!!

Karl was exposed through work…he did have a vaccine.  He had been less cautious much like we all have.  He feels terrible that he might have infected people thinking it was just a cold.

Obviously, Karl is worried about me.  At urgent care the people who took care of him said that of the people who have come in that are positive, most of the people either didn’t have a vaccine or they had Johnson and Johnson.  That made him feel a little better.

So…that is where our family is at.

Out of an abundance of caution the doctor Karl saw at urgent care recommended that I not do childcare for 10 after my last exposure to Karl.  That would be Monday the 2nd.  So I’m off through Friday unless I end up with symptoms.

I have no symptoms.  I had the Moderna vaccine in March.

I didn’t plan to blog about this until next week.  I didn’t want any of you to worry.  I thought it was better to tell you all after the fact.  Then Sunday morning Kalissa published a blog post that said her brother had Covid.   I know many of you read her blog so would be wondering.  Being the can of beans was opened, I figured I better tell you what happened.  If you missed her blog post, you can read it HERE.

Kalissa wrote that she thinks she’s going back to wearing a mask in public.  I think that’s going to be my choice too.

We’re all okay…Karl is still really tough.  He told me he got up to do dishes but that was a little much and had to lay down again.  It’s not something to fool around with.

I’ll let you know if something changes but for now, this is where we are.

35 thoughts on “Kramer Family Update”

  1. Do take care of yourself. We will be praying for everyone including all of the little ones. Those babies are so precious.

  2. Jo, I know how concerned and worried your family is about Karl. Our son got Covid before he was eligible for the vaccine. The monoclonal antibody infusion definitely helped our son recover and I hope Karl will experience similar improvement. Karl is in our prayers!

    1. Thanks for sharing this difficult news. It encourages me to pray and is a reminder to me that vigilance and caution are still needed in the face of Covid.

  3. Sorry to hear that Covid is still going around and hit your family. I will pray for you and family and Karl. So glad you are not feeling any symptoms.

  4. Despite keeping up reading and studying all the guidelines and recommendations, I think this whole scene is fraught with inconsistencies and heartache. Right now, I am being prevented from seeing my grandchildren because I was in contact with someone 14 days after they tested positive and I am vaccinated. This is fraying mental health. I am so thrilled your family sticks together and helps each other. Pneumonia is nothing to be fooled with. I take a vitamin protocol and Ivermectin to lessen the chances to build up my immune system, and am doing nebulized hydrogen peroxide. We have to build up our immune systems as well which is being ignored. Will pray for your whole family.

  5. Praying for your family. The Lord has a plan & knows your family’s needs. He will bless & keep you all. It is time for you to design a ” plague”, quilt. Cheerful, uplifting, hopeful, looking at the future.

  6. I’m so sorry that Karl got Covid. I’ve also gone back to wearing a mask in public. I will keep him and you in my prayers!

  7. Our son got covid before he completed his 2nd vaccination, He received the antibodies and did a turnaround in 12 hours. Hope Karl has the same experience.

  8. The pneumonia knocked me for a loop. My doctor said it takes six weeks to recover fully from pneumonia so tell Karl to take it easy. Prayers are with you and your family.

  9. SO sorry to hear all of this Jo! Praying for a speedy recovery for Karl and safety for all of the family! ❤️

  10. Prayers for all of you especially Karl. I just knew it was Karl that was ill so have already been praying for him. We have been wearing our masks too. ((Hugs)

  11. Oh, MY! Poor Karl – prayers for a rapid and complete recovery for him and more prayers for all of you to escape the virus!

  12. I have two relatives that tested negative 2 times before one came up +. One of them was in the hospital for quite awhile. This was before they were vaccinated. Wishing your family speedy recovery.

  13. We haven’t stopped wearing the masks out in public, unless with our kids (we are all vaccinated). It’s just an extra precaution that could help, and doesn’t hurt. So glad that Karl has family to keep track of illnesses! Drive safe!

  14. So sorry that Karl ended up so ill … PRAYERS for Karl and all your family–that he will recover rapidly. It can certainly take a long time for some cases –if like my youngest daughter. Praying nobody else will have contacted it.

  15. So sorry Karl caught Covid. I’ll be thinking of him. I know he’s got medication, but some Mucinex and zinc wouldn’t hurt. Hope the rest of you stay healthy.

  16. wow your poor family, i`m so glad Jo, that you are safe. i read your blog and enjoy reading about all you do.

  17. Very glad he has all of you to help him through this and am so thankful he & you all had already been vaccinated. Prayers for you all.

  18. So sorry to hear about Karl, my whole house had it the first round last December and it was not fun. My husband slept straight through two weeks, no joke! Praying that none of the rest of you get sick. Stay safe!

  19. My prayers for Karl’s smooth recovery, and that the rest of your family stays healthy. I know someone who got a Covid infusion, and it helped the symptoms. Personally, maybe it should be financially available for everyone, so they don’t have to choose. Thank you for sharing.

  20. I’ve continued to mask inside stores and when picking up takeout food, but I see a lot of unmasked people lately. I live in Massachusetts which has a pretty high vaccination rate and HAD gotten to really low COVID numbers by the end of June, but then they started creeping back up. I’m going to continue to avoid extra inside activities and mask up when I can’t distance.

    I’m so sorry Karl got it, but outcomes seem to be very good for vaccinated people, and I’m glad that he has people around to get him medicine and Gatorade. I hope it doesn’t go any further in the family! Stay safe.

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