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On Friday I had my regular annual physical with my doctor.  I absolutely love my doctor and am so thankful that she’s on my team.  She makes going to my appointments so easy.

So here’s what I found out…
Although my blood sugar is a little high, we are going to watch it for another six months.

I don’t remember if I told you that after my cancer treatment early this year, my blood sugar went way out of whack.  I was getting terrible headaches and it turns out that it was blood sugar issues that was causing it.  My blood sugar was too high.  I would test it and it was often well over 200.  I ended up at the doctor’s office because between the headaches, the high blood sugar, and the terrible mouth sores, I couldn’t take in any more.

It turns out the oral chemo and the steroids I was on were doing terrible things to my blood sugar numbers.

My doc ended up putting me on an insulin pill and that went HORRIBLY.  I was having big fluctuations in my blood sugar and it was dropping dangerously too low.  What a mess.

I finally asked my doctor if I could just go off the meds and let time work and my body work and hopefully, the blood sugar problems would regulate themselves.

They came down over 1 point so my doctor was really happy with that and decided to give my body a little more time…and me to watch what I was eating a little more closely and to see in six months or so if I can get it back where it was…It’s totally do-able so we’ll see.

Other than that, my report was good.

This appointment didn’t do any testing or look at my cancer.  This was only a regular yearly exam.  For those of you wondering, I just scheduled my follow up to my cancer treatment.  That will happen at the end of July.  If you’ve been following along you know I was treated in January but I don’t learn the results of the treatment until this upcoming appointment.  Yes, it’s frustrating but I’ve really learned to leave all of that at the end of my driveway and focus on my life here in the house.  When I am dealing with a chronic disease, I think I’ve learned to live that way, reminding myself daily that I am more than the disease.  There are so many good and happy days between here and my appointments, I want to do my best to live them up!!

Speaking of good things between now and my appointments, Kalissa, our daughter, and her husband, Craig, went to the doctor on Friday for an ultrasound to find out if they are having a boy or a girl.

Kalissa has zero patience when it comes to that and it’s exciting news whenever we find it out so…do you want to know what she’s having??
Keep reading…

Here is what that girl did to me.

After my appointment was done I called her thinking she’d tell me.  She said she did something at my house to let me know and I’d have to wait to find out when I got home.  DRAT!!

I still had to do my errands and I had to get my COVID booster.  AHH!!  I thought about skipping it all and just going home but I didn’t.

I wanted to get my booster.  I think cases are picking up again and I want to be safe so, for me, booster it is.  I did errands and errands…I started thinking about what Kalissa might do to surprise me…
-a bouquet of flowers in pink
-a message in sidewalk chalk on my driveway
-doughnuts with pink or blue sprinkles
-a pink or blue boutique bar of soap
-blue Poweraid

I thought and thought.

After I got my COVID booster I had to wait 15 minutes.  Another lady was waiting with me.  We got to chatting.  I told her the whole story about there being something at my house to let me know if it was a boy or girl.

I told her I didn’t mind either way and truly, I don’t.  I love all of my grandkids and gender makes ZERO difference to me.

So…I finally made it home.  I came into the house.
There were
no floral bouquets
no doughnuts or cookies
no sidewalk chalk
no soap
no Poweraid

WHAT???  Did she trick me?  I looked everywhere.  I opened my computer thinking she put a message on it.  I looked in the refrigerator.  I couldn’t see anything anywhere.

WORST, I couldn’t call her as I knew she was napping.  So…I waited for her to wake up and call me.  I knew she’d call and see if I found it.

Finally, about two hours later, she called.  She asked if I saw it.  I said no.  She said how could you not see it?  I said it wasn’t obvious.  Then I listed off all of the places I had looked.

She laughed and said, “Mom, it’s outside.”

I ran outside.  I circled the house.  I didn’t see anything.  Then she said to go by the garage and find the yellow bird.  WHAT??  A yellow bird.  That’s not pink or blue??

There it was.  Well, what is that supposed to mean?  She said to read the tag.

I turned the tag to see, “It’s a BOY!”

YAHOO!!  Craig and Kalissa are such good boy parents.  So Gannon and Carver are going to have a little brother.  YAHOO!!

I ended up going to Kalissa’s that evening and tried to help her get the boys to pose for a picture that she could post on Facebook and share the family news.  What a task.

If you want to read that part of the story, hop over to Kalissa’s blog HERE.  It’s kind of funny…

Anyway, good news came of Friday to the Kramer family…I’m doing fine, minus my cold, and we will be welcoming and new baby boy in October to the Kramer crew.  For anyone keeping track that will be 10 grandkids, 3 girls, and 7 boys.

19 thoughts on “Kramer Family Update”

  1. Jo congratulations to you and the whole Kramer family. It will be an exciting time for all of you.

  2. So cute and how lucky you are to have 10 grandchildren. They look to be so much fun, a handful that brings so much joy. It is great that you are doing so well. We all love following you and your whole family. It keeps us all motivated and interested and looking forward to the nest post. thank you so much.

  3. Congratulations to you, Karissa, Craig and family. How exciting!

    There are other medications beside the insulin pill. Perhaps Metformin or Glipizide would help your blood sugar. Hope it regulates itself. Take cate. Jo.

  4. Super exciting! Kalissa is just too creative! Another grandson, so special, as they all are. Just great news that all is well, and baby is healthy. More fun on the way!

  5. Congratulations on another grandson. Grandchildren are so fun. I love your quilt in the summer issue of Quilts & More. It’s so pretty.

  6. When I was first diagnosed with cancer, I had to have some lab work before my surgery. This was way before electronic records,so I had to ask the doctor so my results. My blood sugar was over 200, and I’m not diabetic. Stress can make it go up,so watching it for a while longer is a good idea. Good luck with it. And congratulations on the new grand baby that’s coming.

  7. Carmen Montmarquet

    Congratulations to you, Kalissa and family, what a blessing to expect a new grandchild in the fall!

  8. Congratulations to all! What color tractor will his quilt have? Oh, I shouldn’t rush things. There are too many years to enjoy before then. No matter how you spell it, Nana, Abuela, Nona, Oma, Bestemor, or Amma, you are such a loving Grandma!

  9. Congratulations on becoming a grandma again! Those boys are starting to outnumber the girls! :-D
    Glad to here health wise you are doing better. Thank you for keeping us posted. ontinuing t keep you in my prayers.
    Love and prayers.

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