Kramer Family Photo Bomb

I have a big montage of family photos and videos to share with you this morning.  I pulled these all from the family message group.  I love that everyone shares these with me.  This time I don’t have any from Buck and Karl…there’s plenty here to keep you entertained though.

Jasper has plenty of toys to play with but what would he rather do…help clean out the onion container…  Jasper is our daughter Kayla’s little guy.

(Some of these are videos so remember to press play)

Then after he made the mess, he got out his broom and tried to clean it all up.

Everything Jasper plays with is a “boat”.  This stool upside down is a boat.

He’s started to do creepy eyes all the time now too.

Kelli sent this video of the babies with Puppycat their beagle…

No worries…Puppy is completely good with the kids.

Kelli’s twin boys are growing fast.  They started sitting in booster chairs and are getting baby food now too.  Here is Eli.

Georgie was so excited.  Kalissa took her to a Pumpkin Patch and they had a petting zoo there.  Here is Georgie with a baby pig.

Kalissa’s son Carver got his school pictures back.  She put last year’s school picture and this year’s school picture side by side.  Boy, he really aged in a year.  He’s now getting tall and is super skinny.  He can only wear skinny jeans….and they fall off.

Here are Carver and Gannon.  They were farming this night…yep, farming in their underwear.  Not quite how their grandpas do it…or their dad.

Kalissa’s family took me out for supper one night.  We had to take a picture of the onion ring I ate.  Apparently onion rings are one of those things that is in short supply.  We like to take pictures and send them to Buck to prove there are advantages of living in our small town.  Buck had been out in Cedar Rapids several times and reported no onion rings.  Here is our small town of 250 residents, we have onion rings!!

Kelli took her kiddos out on a walk.  Here is Emmett in the stroller.

Eli was fussing so she took him out…

Here is farm girl Georgia.  I know those of you who aren’t farm-raised might freak out about the video but Georgia is totally safe.  Cows do this all the time.  I’ve never been bit nor have I ever heard of anyone getting bit.  Farm kids do this with cows all of the time.

That’s the photo/video montage from the Kramers…I hope you enjoyed my sharing of our messager group.

25 thoughts on “Kramer Family Photo Bomb”

  1. Hi Jo
    I’ve been enjoying your posts, including the ones of your beautiful family. I also love to see all the quilts you make. It’s great how you do this all for charity. I hope to watch your tutorials to get some tips on quilt making, which I love. I really enjoyed seeing your sewing room too, how wonderful. Thank you for what you do, and I love down home living too. God bless you.


    1. Judith Fairchild

      Yes I know about grand sons and skinny jeans that won’t stay up. I think my daughter got suspenders for him to wear them. Love the videos babies are so precious and generally so many lovely hilarious memories. Thanks Jo.

  2. What great videos, so fun to see the grands!! I like Carver’s cowlick! All the kids are so individual and darling. You are so fortunate to be able to share time with them.

  3. Your grandchildren are precious! I will become a first time grandma in January. I’m so excited for her arrival!

  4. Having grown up on a dairy farm, I get a bit giddy at what I “KNOW” Georgie, Carver and Gannon get to experience. So happy for your G-kids that they get this country life. I still tell hubster I can’t comprehend growing up “in town”.

    Cheers to you getting to experience the daily life of your Grands! What terrific kids you’ve got Jo! You get to be present even when you’re at home :-)

  5. Kristy Wilkinson

    An onion skin loving grandson and cows that lick your granddaughter, what a great set of pictures and videos! This is why I love your blog. You share about your family and we can share in it too. This made my day. Especially Carver’s adorable smile and that cow video! Oh my! love it! K-

  6. My son who is now 48 used to help me milk our cow “Daisy” when is was not quite two…She just stood patiently until he lost interest and I finish the job.

  7. Hi Jo….I’m new and recently found your blog and YouTube channel….you are so real and adorable.
    I love your quilt things and tutorials …..also I live in a old craftsmen home that we redid too…..I live out in the country right out of town here in Idaho. I am a avid quilter, crochet too, canning and I love to bake…..I also was a daycare provider for many years. I am retired now. I am a Grandmother and love my granbabies to pieces.My hubby is a big supportive guy about my crazy sewing habit. I have
    Several vintage sewing machines that I use daily
    My most favorite one is my singer treadle….its beautiful. She sews like a dream.
    So fun to find you…..God bless and happy quilting!!!

  8. It’s so weird what things are in short supply and where. Who would have thought of onion rings?!?

    Love Georgie’s giggle when she’s getting cow kisses. I imagine a city kid would totally freak, but not a farm kid who’s been around cows all her life.

  9. Loved all the pictures—- those cow kisses—the tongue is so rough and scratchy–Georgie sure got her share of swipes!!! The twins are getting so big –and wow– don’t they all “grow” –over night!! Sometimes it IS overnight! When you can’t fill up the kid–usually means they are growing an inch “overnight”!!! Enjoyed seeing all the fun you had at the wedding too. Thanks too for the hint about those sleeves for feet– I don’t have flat feet-in fact have high arches–but oh man the bones in my feet hurt if I try to walk barefoot on bare floors. Wondering if the sleeves might help that too. And could be a good hint for my oldest daughter–
    The arthritis thing is being passed down-from my dad -to me–to my kids unfortunately. Enjoy your blog every day!!

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