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I love instant Messenger.  Our family has a group that Kramer and I plus all the kids belong to.  If you don’t know a lot about it, Messenger is an ap.  I have it on my smartphone, computer and tablet.  I can access it from any of those devices.

If we put a message on it, all the of the other people in the group immediately get the same message.  It’s been wonderful with Kramer’s cancer journey.  Typically I call Kelli or Kalissa on the way home from appointments, give them the news and they type it out in Messenger and immediately it gets sent to all of the kids.  It’s SO much easier that calling everyone.

Happily we use Messenger for fun things too.

Sunday morning this message came from our son Buck and was in reference to our grandson Scotty:
(Out of coffee creamer) “Daddy why we don’t have any more coffee soap?”

BAHAHAHAHA!!  I love these little messages.  Truly, they make my day.

Sadly Scotty has influenza A so he’s had a tough weekend of not feeling the best.  Buck messaged me and asked how to keep the rest of them illness free.  I wished him luck and said wash hands!!!

Here’s Lucy….

She is watching the door for Scotty to get home.  He goes to preschool and Lucy stays home.  She misses him lots when he’s gone.

Buck also sent a video of Lucy as she learned what a cow says…so cute and speaking of cute her new one year old pictures came.  Check this out.

She’s on her baby quilt I made her!!  Lucy’s eyes and her long hair…precious.

Speaking of precious.  New pictures of Georgia came via the Messenger group…..

She loves being bundled…but isn’t quite as fond of baths….so cute. I am so thankful for our Messenger group.  It really helps us all stay close to each other.

Here’s a message from Kalissa:
3 times already this morning, Carver has told me totally unprovoked that he has baby Jesus in his tummy and he’s only been awake a half hour

Bahahahaha….Carver had a big obsession with Baby Jesus at Christmas and it’s carried on.

Kalissa sent a message….”Do you think the boys look alike?”

This is Carver….

This is Gannon.

We got this picture of Jason and Georgia….

His mom thought Georgia looked a lot like Jason.  I immediately did too.  Kelli ended up sending this so we could all see it.

Lately the Messenger group has been LOADED with pictures of the grandkids.  Before kids we still used it often.  Then I was sending pictures of things Kramer and I were working on….auction finds….and whatever our kids were busy with before kids took over their lives.

I HIGHLY recommend it to any family.  Not only do we get to share and stay in touch.  It helps prevent hard feelings as EVERYONE gets told as it’s put on the Messenger group.  We have gone on to make a group for Kramer’s family and one for my siblings.  It’s made life so much easier!!

9 thoughts on “Kramer Family Messenger Group”

  1. Hi Jo,
    This is Anne from The Netherlands.
    I as I know many other people around the world read your blog and feel very connected to your family.
    I myself would love to me able to help you out with a donation towards your expenses.
    Could you please consider setting up a gofundme account.
    This is the only way that i can get a donation through to you.
    So many of us would like to help out.
    Wishing you and your family all the best.

  2. My family has a text group and messenger. We get daily morning pictures of my almost 3 nice a 6:30 each morning after her mom the nurse takes her to daycare. Sometimes th messages that bounce around while I’m teaching lol! The best thing s my Dad has started by the and use emoji!

  3. Hi Jo! Hasn’t technology made keeping up with family wonderful? Ours is scattered over four states so we don’t get together often–but we connect by an app called MarcoPolo–a video message app. This way Papa and Boo get to see concerts and athletic events, getting ready for prom and just “here’s a slice of our lives right now” moments!

  4. Love seeing the family photos – babies – can’t get enough of them. Our grand daughter is turning one this weekend.
    Good idea on the Messenger group – will look into it.
    Thoughts and prayers for all of you.

  5. Tell the kids to label those pics. I have 3 daughters and have a difficult time telling them apart as babies in the photos now. Youngest is 21 now. Sooo cute, love the photos.

  6. Wonderful! We use Google talk. We also chat on Google talk. When we first started talking on Google talk with our daughter in Oregon, our granddaughter who was not quite 3 loved to talk and didn’t want to hang up. I would get calls on my tablet on Google talk because she figured out what button to push to “call Grammie on the puter”. Technology is wonderful to keep in touch especially when loved ones live so far away. Your family is in my thoughts and prayers tonight.

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