Kramer Family Chronicles

I’ve had lots of days filled with family.  I snapped a few pictures while they were here and thought I’d share.

Last weekend I had Buck’s kids here from Friday evening until Sunday afternoon.  Buck was here to along with Karl but they were out deer hunting in the day light.

Kayla’s husband Spencer is on a special job and is working nights, every night for two weeks, so she thought she’d come spend the weekend here.

Here she is with Jasper.

Buck and Lilly are here playing Baby Shark.

Kayla left and went thrifting.  She needed a break from being Mom on Saturday so I ended up with 6 of the 9 grandkids.    Here I am fresh from a shower, busy painting hands to make a Christmas ornament.

Jasper wasn’t excited about getting paint on his hand…

Lilly though….she loved it.  The second I put the paint brush down, she was rubbing her hands together and getting paint everywhere.

I don’t see Jasper as often as the other kids.   He gets viral induced pneumonia so he needs to avoid people and getting colds.  Luckily everyone was healthy when he came and so far, he didn’t catch anything here.

One of the favorite attractions around here is my corn bucket.  The kids play with all of the scoop and construction toys I have.

They are a little messy and a few kernels get dropped but it’s not bad.  Above was Gannon…below was Lucy and Carver who was on strike and wasn’t up for getting his picture taken.

I am not into dress up clothes, but I have a huge collection of sun glasses.  I buy them from the thrift store all fo the time.  The kids play dress up with them and they play eye doctor with them.

Scotty was all excited about cutting paper and making designs.  He’s really good at it.

Silly little Lilly saw me taking a picture of the other two and wanted to be in the picture so she squeezed in and said, “Cheese”.

Kayla came hime with a new book so she read it to Carver.

When she wasn’t in my booster highchair, Lilly had her bear in the chair.  She goes nowhere without the bear.

Happily I’ve seen Lilly a lot lately and she’s gotten to be much more comfortable with me.  The second I sat down, she would come with a book and want me to read it.

Monday I had Kelli’s kids and Gannon here.  Kelli and Kalissa had worked overnight and were both sleeping so I was on Grandma duty.

Here is Georgie with the construction worker clothes.  HA!

Here is Eli.  Both of them were fussy and I got little else done.

Their ears are still a problem.  Over the weekend they both went through a series of shots so the hope is they will kick in and clear it all.

They had a doctor appointment on Tuesday.  It turns out Eli can’t get his tubes until the 21st.  He had a cough a bit ago and they won’t do the surgery because of the cough.  It turns out they will put tubes in Emmett’s ears the same day.  That will make it a little easier on Kelli.

Kelli sits like this all of the time so I hoisted the boys up trying to pacify them both and then realized I had not idea how to get up.  I finally figured it out…oh my.

Monday night we had “big family supper” for Karl’s birthday.  Everyone from the Northern Contingent (all of us that live closer) gathered to usher in Karl’s 29th year on the earth.  This picture looks pretty crazy as it was.  Karl and Kalissa were playing drums complete with a rhythm and drum sounds on the instant pot insert.  I’m glad they both love each other and act like 12 year olds from time to time.

After that, it was a Ticket to Ride for the adults.  We still love playing.  I highly recommend the Expansion Pack 1910 if you have the original game.  Find it HERE on Amazon.

While the adults played…the kids played in the living room.  They can really make a mess in a big hurry.  It’s an okay trade off…a trashed living room for some peace while we adults play.

I had a great weekend with family.  I think this weekend, there’s no Grandma time scheduled.  Part of me is sad…part of me is thrilled.  It’s been lots of weekends playing grandma lately.

That’s the latest with the grandkids and the Kramer family.

11 thoughts on “Kramer Family Chronicles”

  1. What a wonderful time you’ve had with family and the twins are sure getting big, where did the time go….Happy Birthday to Karl, 29 times around the sun!

  2. I know it’s tiring and you don’t get things done that you thing you “should” but your family is wonderful and I’m so glad they come first!

  3. OMG what a great week of kids and grandkids. I love the pic of silly Karl and Kalissa. I once had a college psych professor say, we spend our lives up to age 8 being taught to grow up. Then we spend the rest of our lives trying to get “our child back”. He is so right! Why don’t we value being silly?

    Happy Weekend Jo! I can’t wait to hear what you decide to do since we all know you won’t sit around :-)

  4. Family time is great! Happy Birthday to Karl — did I miss the blog post on how his house turned out? Wasn’t he getting it re-sided and new windows? Thank you for your blog — enjoy reading it daily.

  5. So much fun! I love hearing about your family and seeing pictures. All the grands are so adorable! It is quite un that the cousins are close in age and can have fun together.

  6. Rose Marie Gersema

    Looks like you had a great time. You won’t regret the time spent with family. And memories will be made grandkids will always of what a great caring, giving, and loving Grandma you are.

  7. Happy birthday to Karl!
    I hope Kayla is feeling better and that didn’t actually turn out to be long COVID or at least she’s found some kind of treatment options.
    I love reading about your grandchildren, they’re all so cute.

  8. Judith Fairchild

    Jo, get all the grandma time you can while they’re little they grow up so soon and get busy with other people and things. Mainly school activities and friends. Keeping pictures of your family is wonderful. I have very few hard copies of my grand kids pictures. I have lots of them on my phone but it isn’t the same.. lose or have an accident with the phone the pics are gone unless someone else in the family has pictures you sent them.
    I enjoy seeing how your grands are growing, learning and playing together. Your children too.

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