Kitting Up…

I had a little time the other day when my grandson Anders was here. He was napping and was needing something to do to quietly keep me busy. I decided to kit up a few cross-stitch projects that I’d like to stitch in the not-so-distant future.

You might remember I bought this chart recently. It was a Market release…

When I bought the pattern I picked up some of the fancy flosses that I was relatively sure I didn’t have. I was sure I had all of the DMC because I have a huge stash of DMC floss. I’ve bought it over the years from thrift stores and blog readers have gifted me a bunch…but did I have all I needed…Nope. So I made a note on the chart of the three flosses I needed. I got a working copy and did what I could to have this project ready to go.

I had more time so I picked up this project…

It’s another one I want to stitch in the not-so-distant future. I did the same, made a working copy, and started getting the flosses ready. For this one too, there were DMC flosses that I didn’t have. It turns out that both of these patterns are from designer Brenda Gervais of With Thy Needle and Thread and many of the flosses overlapped meaning I needed them in both patterns. I ended up putting the flosses for them together on one ring and will use them for each of them.

Next up I pulled the bunny pattern. I got looking at it and was so surprised. Many of the motifs in the Spring pillow that I am stitching are also in the bunny. The tulip is the same and the flower on the left of the house is the same. The border is included too. The called-for colors of the bunny were slightly different though. I decided I would not kit up new flosses and instead use the flosses that are already pulled for the pillow and use them on the bunny. That would save time AND my two pieces will likely be displayed together so they will look more coordinated.

Next, I started working on my The Lord’s Prayer piece. I also got this from Market. It’s from Lila’s Studio. I plan to start this after I finish my Apostle’s Creed piece

Here is a closer picture of the piece.

I am totally in love with this piece and can’t wait to start it…but I have to finish the other one first.

Being I finished my PA Dutch Pinkeep, I am moving on and plan to stitch this one. I want it to coordination with my “Keeper of the Pins” pieces that I have stitched but not finished. I haven’t put those threads away so I took them out and did some work with the chart on some substitutions. I have that all ready now and can start it anytime.

The next day I ended up in town and I remembered that they have a knitting shop that also carries embroidery floss. I was able to pick up what I needed. I ended up getting two of each of the colors that I needed. Often times designers use the same colors in different projects. I wanted to have a spare in case I needed it for another project.

I went to get those flosses put on floss keys (bobbins) and realized I didn’t have enough so I ordered some of those…

I found those online. I didn’t want the floss keys to travel alone so I bought this pattern too. It’s called Faithful Friend by Scattered Seeds Samplers. I really liked it. The dog is black and I loved that it reminds me a bit of Izzy. It’s small and will be fun to stitch. Once I get an outline done it will be a great take-along project.

I am super excited for my stitching line up. I can’t wait to get working on some of these…but first, the projects I already have. RIGHT??

9 thoughts on “Kitting Up…”

  1. I’m kitting up “Home Sweet Home” right now for the stitch along. Those new patterns you acquired are super cute too but I need to finish my Name Blessing for my daughter and start on a new Name Blessing for a memory pillow that my daughter-in-law requested for her dad who recently passed away. I made one in memory of her mom a few years back. Thank you Jo; you spur me on with your love of sharing! Blessings!

  2. I am wondering when the term embroidery thread changed to floss and why. I don’t like the new word ‘floss’. Isn’t that what I do to my teeth? Hmm….I guess this is something I can research. Anyway, I do like your new projects, bunnies are always cute. And chicks. And birds.

    1. I don’t know Hedy…I guess I never thought about it either. I wonder if it’s a regional thing that has become universal.

  3. Watching your posts….I hate that a couple of years ago, in a declutter moment, I sold all my cross stitch stuff for next to nothing.. I had good reason..I was using a large wooden frame to hold the piece, and it was giving me tendonitis holding it. Never thought about doing it without a frame. It was also hurting my eyes. I liked using the tiny fabric, and counting those little spaces was murder. It’s bad enough trying to sew my hexis. Since like you, I do this at night, my eyes are usually tired anyway, so it was really straining them. But, I do miss it!

  4. Can you tell me where you get or what brand your floss bobbins are? I like that they have the slit for the color number off your floss. Also is the actual Lord’s Prayer stitched over 1 or 2? I want that chart but will not order it if it’s over 1 as I have not done anything over 1. Thanks!

  5. I have been stitching more lately and it feels so good. I finished another Lizzie Kate Spring piece to go with the other one I did just in time for a small Easter display. I’m working on Land That I Love more again. It feels so good. I haven’t ever kitted anything, per se, but I did make sure I had all the DMC needed for And a Forest Grew. I need more floss holders. Blessings!

  6. Signe Burgen Vaughan

    Thank you for providing the link to the floss keys. I have used those particular keys for years and can’t find them in shops. I just started The Lord’s Prayer cross stitch pattern. It is a wonderful chart and the colors are beautiful. I haven’t cross stitched in quite awhile and decided I needed a project in the evening for tv watching. You have inspired me to start stitching!

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