Kitting Up!!!

You know I’ve been lamenting that I want to start a few new cross-stitch pieces but then I don’t. Part of that is because I do want to work on the projects I already have started but part of that is because I just don’t like starting new projects. I explained that figuring out where to start, upper right, middle, etc requires decisions and the first stitches are always slow. It’s a little like mapping out an area before I can explore. Mapping is never fun.

Last Saturday I was supposed to get two new foster dogs but early in the morning I got a call and plans had changed. I wouldn’t be getting them until Tuesday evening. GLORY BEE!! That meant I could do whatever I wanted over the weekend. I was thrilled. (The foster dog did come on Tuesday. If you missed that post it’s here)

Right then and there I decided I was going to kit up a few cross-stitch projects. Maybe if I kitted a few things I would get in the mood to start some things. I pulled out floss and got started.

First off I pulled this pattern and the threads. This will be my June Summer Camp project. The June requirement is to stitch something with a bird. This has an eagle so it fits into the category. It’s patriotic and I have ZERO patriotic things finished. It’s small so it’s perfect. I can easily stitch this in the month. This is Patriotic Rose from Threadwork Primitives.

Sometimes if I kit things I only get the floss and not the linen too. Not this time. I picked linen and everything. For the project above I opted for a darker linen than what is pictured. I didn’t have a couple of the colors so I changed some things out and even wrote myself a note about it.

The next project I stitched is Maker and Mender by With Thy Needle and Thread. I’ve been chomping at the bit to stitch this one. I had Prairie Grass from Seraphim in my stash and picked that to stitch this on.

This is a small I am considering stitching for July Summer Stitch Camp. For July we have to stitch something that grows so basically the chart has to have a plant, animal, or human. This has a plant…and it says “I Choose Joy”. I think joy also grows. I did some major color changes as it was charted from 4 drab colored DMC. My version will be a little livelier. This is also really small. I will change it to personalize it.

I picked up this wooden music player at the thrift store. It was $3. I took the top picture off of it and planned to stitch something for the top of it. I paged through cross-stitch books and decided to stitch the piece with the pink house. It would fit nicely on the music player. Sadly, I didn’t have any of the threads. I put them on a list to add to an order when I put one in.

I pulled Remember Me from Teresa Kogut. I have seen a few people stitching this and really want to stitch it. Of all the projects I kitted, this is the highest on my list to stitch. I saw a picture of someone stitching it on Facebook and loved the linen color she used. I ended up taking a picture of it and hoped to find linen that was close to the color she was using. I think I picked a good piece. I think it’s Hogbristle from Fox and Rabbit. Oh, I can’t wait to start this.

I was such a good girl that I even made my working copies. YAHOO!!

About now is when I realized that the reason I probably haven’t started stitching anything in the last two months is because didn’t have any of these projects kitted. No wonder!! As I was kitting I was getting more and more excited about starting something.

I found this chart when I was looking for a bird pattern to stitch. Oh, I loved this one. It’s not that big. Ah, could I start that in June and finish that in June. Ugh. I doubt it but it might be fun to try.

I was missing a few colors for that…I put more colors on my to-order list.

Then I pulled this one. The Lord’s Prayer by Lila’s Studio. I almost started this a couple of times…but it wasn’t kitted so I didn’t grab it. AND I was finishing UFOs. Oh, I want to start this too. If I don’t start it before New Year’s this might be my New Year New Start. We’ll see. Hopefully, I start it before then.

I looked through the linen that I have here and nothing seemed quite right. Then I remember that Kelli bought me a gift certificate to 123Stitch for Mother’s Day. This called for Affagoto by Fiber on a Whim. They had it and I ordered it…I got the flosses that were on my list too…well not all of them. It turns out the pink house for the music player called for silks that were $7 a skein. NOPE. I’ll convert those flosses to something in my price range.

Whew. I got a lot kitted and am so happy with it all. Goodness knows what I’ll actually start of it. Then as soon as I thought I was done I sat down to write this blog post. This popped up. Oh, I have that chart too. Oh my word I would love to stitch this. Maybe I should kit this up too. This one isn’t very big.

I was on such a roll with kitting projects.

It was a great morning! I just love being emersed in cross stitch whether it’s stitching or kitting or just dreaming. So fun…and now I’m done writing this post so I’m off to stitch. Oh, happy day!!

13 thoughts on “Kitting Up!!!”

  1. I don’t do cross stitch so my only exposure is through reading your blogs…which I really love. I often laugh out loud at the linen names. Hogbristle?! Thanks for including all the details that you do. I really enjoy them. Happy stitching!

      1. Gayla Livengood

        Do you enlarge your working copies? What do you do if one color gloss is used in 2 projects?
        I love seeing your progress.

        1. I do not enlarge them. If it’s a large sampler, I just buy a second floss. If they are small I sometimes house them in the same project bag and put the threads on the same ring.

    1. Susan the Farm Quilter

      I’m right there with you!! The names of the floss colors and linens always intrigues me…how did they arrive at that name??!!

  2. Great job with the kitting Jo. I just did that with a couple of projects I want to work on. I always get hung up with linen choice. I often can’t find the called for and finding something on my own is intimidating. I don’t think I have ever changed the floss colors. Again, intimidation. I’m working on one of the trees for Pet All The Dogs and I’m not seeing much distinction between the called for Tarragon and DMC 3032 and the design isn’t showing up. I’m going to move on to another area of the chart and think about it. Decisions, decisions..

  3. I don’t do cross stitch, but I read your posts as I am a quilter. I have no idea what you mean when you say “kitting”. I don’t know what the term entails and what makes it not enjoyable. Maybe sometime you could define it so I could learn more.

    1. Kitting up simply means putting all the needed supplies together, “making a kit”. It’s a time to collect the floss, chart, fabric, etc.

  4. I rarely kit until I am ready to stitch. And, I tend to work on one project at a time. However, when I am working on Christmas ornaments for my grands (and that includes grand nieces and newphews), I will have 13 going at once. The grand nieces and nephews usually get ones that are of a them – for instance, this year I worked zodiac related items for that group – so it is easier to have everything going at one time. I just wish I enjoyed finishing the stitching into actual ornaments more. I used to have a finisher, but she has moved on to other pursuits.

  5. I learned how to cross-stitch in elementary school about 70 years ago. The back of our work was graded also. I have not cross-stitched in many years. When you kit so many projects, does it happen often that different projects call for the same thread color? And how do you deal with that? Cut a piece off or buy another skein?
    You do beautiful work.

    1. I sometimes keep the two projects together in one bag with the thread all on one clip and share the threads between the two projects. I especially do this if both pieces are small.

  6. Darlynn Venne

    I LOVE to kit~ I see you write the floss you need along with the chart name when ordering additional fibers (fancy name for floss if you ask me…haha). When I first started back to stitching, I would order floss and wonder what it was for when it arrived in my mailbox! Enjoy the array of new starts you have before you!

  7. Yahoo! I was finally able to read this post! And I absolutely love everything that you have picked out! But then, I knew that I would. I’m, mostly, a monogamous stitcher- but you have inspired me to squeeze in some smalls while working on a big piece.
    And I keep forgetting to mention that I use Safari and an iPad.

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