Kids Came Home

You might remember that our family Christmas got delayed because of weather.  We ended up holding it on January 2nd.  All the kids made it home.

Notice any one you haven’t seen before?  That would be Buck’s girlfriend Lora.  They’ve been dating for awhile but this is our first time meeting her.  From what I know…she’s wonderful.  I can’t say a lot more because she had lost her voice and we couldn’t talk the best.  All I know is that she makes Buck happy so that makes me happy…I can honestly say that I don’t think I’ve ever seen Buck happier.  I’ll tell you…he’s smitten.

We are really low key.  Gifts are not important at all.  This year we tried a new “game”.   Goodies are wrapped in plastic wrap into a big ball.  When the game starts the first person rolls dice trying to get doubles.  The person to their right puts on mittens and tries to unwrap the ball of plastic wrap.  Any prizes that come out of the ball while they are unwrapping are theirs to keep.  It really was fun.  Watching Kalissa was a hoot.

As soon as the person got doubles the ball and dice moved on to the next person.


Poor little Carver got passed around the table too.


Here’s Jason working on the ball.


We do a gift exchange too.  Everyone brings a gift and then we play a game to see who gets what gift.  Kalissa brought this cute Iowa Totally Bamboo State Cutting & Serving Board.  I asked her where she got it thinking it would make a nice shower present.  She said Amazon.  She also said that they have all of the states….CUTE!


Kayla was an Amazon shopper too.  She got all sorts of super cute lids for Ball jars.   My favorite was the Jarware Piggy Bank.  Once put on the jar, the jar looks like a piggy.  The money goes in through the mouth.  I thought that would be a cute kid gift.  It would be fun seeing the money in the jar.  She added other great jar lids…Jarware Honey Dipper, Orange, Jarware Drink Lid, Orange, Orange, Jarware Fruit Infusion Lid, Green it was a fun gift.


A package had come in the mail a few days before our Christmas.  It was from Connie.  She said I couldn’t open it the kids were home.  Inside were packages for Kayla, Kelli, me and Kalissa….HOMEMADE MITTENS!!!  They are completely adorable and we all love them.  Each one of all got a pair that matched what we like…Kayla is a stripe girl.  Kelli’s are gray with a cute soft pinkish tones stripes.  Mine are RED and Kalissa’s were black with an almost snowflake design.  We all were thrilled with the pairs we got.


…and what makes Christmas even better?  Kids of course.  Here’s Carver in his new hat Auntie Kayla made him.  It was adorable.  Sadly Carver wasn’t feeling the best this day.  I think he finally caught a cold.  I’ve been trying as hard as I could at childcare to keep him away from as many germs as possible.  I think I failed.

He’s a trooper though and is doing pretty good with it.

It was a great day….they all got along…no one left hungry and the weather cooperated.  I’d say that’s a good day!

THANKS a million Connie…you were so sweet to think of us.

5 thoughts on “Kids Came Home”

  1. What a wonderful Christmas time you had and welcome to Lora, isn’t it nice when someone just makes your kids happy? I love the game with the saran wrap and gloves, how fun! and those mittens from Connie are just adorable. Thanks for sharing your pictures with us.

  2. I would say you had a great day! My “boys” are only five hours away, but see,s like I still don’t get to see them as much as I’d like.

  3. Hi Jo!
    I love reading what you and your family is up to! Looks like you guys had a great time!
    I love Kalissa’s plaid top, could you ask her where she got it? Thanks!

    Claire B

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