Kids..and Illness and Update

I was expecting last week with childcare to be hard.  It really wasn’t. The week before I had talked to the kids explain that I was going to the doctor and that they were going to cut me open and take some bad things out.  I was worried the ugly healing scar would bother them….it didn’t.  For the most part, they barely mentioned it.  A time or two someone fell and I asked if they had an owie.  They would just point to my neck and say owie.  Kids are so resilient.  Things just don’t bother them like it bothers adults…oh to be so innocent.

I love being with the kids…


They don’t care if my voice is hoarse.

They don’t care that I sing a little off tune now.

They don’t worry that whatever I have will affect them.

They don’t cry because I am hurt.

They don’t treat me like I am less because of a diagnosis.

They don’t ask me questions I don’t know the answers to….well some but not related to my health.

They just love me unconditionally.  I love that.  I need that.

Thankfully I have the best bunch of parents….everyone has been super supportive telling me to do what I need and they’ll work things out with the kids.  I couldn’t ask for a better bunch.

I do have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow morning.  I am seeing my endocrinologist.  She’s the one that tells me what’s next from here.  She did email me and talk enough so that I know the radioactive iodine treatment can’t happen until I am six weeks post operation.  It sounds like I can have things in place to take the next step right when that date comes.  As always, I’ll let you know when I know more.

Mary Jo has been real helpful and suggested this about Thyroid Cancer.  I’ve read several things now and this was the most helpful.

Through all this I can’t say enough about my regular doctor.  She caught this in her office during a regular routine yearly physical.  Everyone always says, “Can I do anything to help?”  My answer is YES!!  YES you can.  Go to your regular routine doctor’s appointments.  Don’t delay appointments.

Check back tomorrow.  I’ll let you know how things go with the doctor…but for the now, the kiddos will be awake in a few minutes and I need to get snack out…

5 thoughts on “Kids..and Illness and Update”

  1. I love your attitude! You are right about children and their attitude. When I was teaching and had cataract surgery on my left eye believe me I never had to set a timer for those eye drops. They wanted my schedule posted on the board so they would be able to remind me. Love those memories even more as a retired jr high teacher. You will continue to be in my prayers. Love your blog!

  2. Keeping you in our thoughts and prayers! So thankful it was found early, and that you are finding a way to treat it, and hope that you heal quickly. Love the stories that you tell us from your day, and about your family.

  3. Jo, I had thyroid cancer four years ago, and also had 33 radiation treatments so I know that you have the right attitude to manage it all, take care.

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