Kelli’s Winter Wonderland

When Kelli was home last time, she brought her Winter Wonderland – Quilt Pattern pieces home.  She’s done with the embroidery portion!!

Here she is showing off the pieces…

I can’t believe she has finished it.

I had purchased the pattern for her for Christmas.

I wasn’t sure when I bought if for her if she would actually get it stitched.

Her stitches are really good too.

Aren’t they just SO cute?

Someday, I’d like to stitch a big project of my own…

I fondly remember embroidering when I was little.  In fact, I still have some of the pieces.

Of course…my work was never got sewn into a project.

You can be sure, I am going to remind and remind Kelli so that her amazing blocks don’t just languish in a pile….Being she has such a love of embroidery, I am afraid I think I am really going to have to do lots of reminding not to let her drop this project.

I know I am going to have to keep on her because already…she is embroidering this!!

This is the first piece of her next project, Vintage Trick or Treat.

13 thoughts on “Kelli’s Winter Wonderland”

  1. Oh, I saw that Winter Wonderland pattern and loved it! It is just too cute. Going to look forward to seeing the quilt!

  2. I love the patterns at Crab-apple Hill. I want to purchase the pattern Spellbound for my son who is a big Harry Potter fan.
    Kelli sure does great work! Love her redwork!

  3. All lovely! That is a lot of stitchery…. I bet she gets it put together as the piecing is cute & not too hard.
    I especially love her colors in the owl-pumpkin. Thanks for sharing this! I feel like breaking out my stitchery now! Kudos Kelly!

  4. wow that was in record time, yea for your daughter! i bought this pattern probably 4 years ago…… still haven’t started because of other projects i need to finish first… boo- hoo for me. it is a wonderful and so cute pattern. ENJOY ENJOY!

  5. Well, I certainly know who to hire if I need any embroidery done! She does fabulous work. It’s entirely charming and so beautifully done.

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