Kelli’s Scrappy Mountain Majesties

It’s finally done!!  After an extended time sitting in the UFO pile and then a couple weeks in my binding pile, the quilt is finally finished.  Kelli started this March of 2012 when we saw Bonnie Hunter in Moline, Illinois.

When Kelli first brought the finished quilt top to me she scoffed at it saying she didn’t love it and would be moving the quilt along as a gift.  I was shocked as I loved it.  It’s a real beauty.  She used primarily Civil War reproductions.  She was saying that one dark wasn’t dark enough and one light wasn’t light enough.  I just listened and nodded my head….Well actually that’s a lie.  I just listened.  I knew that by the time the quilt was quilted she’d be in love with it.

If you quilt your own quilts you likely know what I mean.  Doing the quilting and finishing quilts just brings out a quilts potential and this quilt top had it!


Kelli picked the backing…I grabbed some orphan blocks and pieced the into the back and away I went.  This is free motion using a motif I modified.  This motif was pretty easy.  I’ve used it on the last few charity quilts I’ve quilted.


Bonnie Hunter has provided a free pattern for this quilt on her blog.  You can find it here.  Kelli likes to modify patterns and she did with this… so rather than starting with 8 1/2″ blocks, she started with 6 1/2″ blocks.  Once sewn the blocks were cut down at 1 1/2″ strips.  If you read through Bonnie’s instructions, the measurements will make sense.

The quilt is 20 blocks across and 16 down.  It finished at about 81″ x 86″.

I just love the blocks set on the diagonal.

The weather here has been windy so no outdoor pictures….  sadly my “big spot” on the floor didn’t accommodate the whole quilt.  You’ll just have to imagine it lying flat.  

So any guesses on whether Kelli ended up loving it???


She did.  Now she’s afraid she is going to like all of the quilts in her big pile of finished UFOs and she said she’s not keeping them all.    She had originally said she planned to give this quilt away.  I said no.  It’s too good for a charity quilt top.

KELLI’S EDIT–Mom is sure right!  I do love this one!  But after taking an inventory of the quilts I have and those that I love the most, this one did not make the “love the most” list.  I really like it and all, but school tuition and such will be due soon, so I’ve decided to sell this one to help out with school.  I’m asking $550.00 plus shipping–Even though mom thinks it’s worth more.  If you would be interested in purchasing this quilt, you can email me at  Shipping will be at the expense of the buyer and can be shipped as soon as today–as long as my post office is open.  The quilt was made with 100% cotton fabric and measures about 81″ x 86″.  If you have any questions let me know!

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5 thoughts on “Kelli’s Scrappy Mountain Majesties”

  1. I love it! I finally finished my scrappy mountains from Moline also. Mine was in shades of blue and brown and was gifted this Christmas to a nephew. Great quilt for a guy. I love the quilting, Jo. Good job, Kelli!

  2. I have downloaded the pattern! LOVE your quilt…thanks for the inspiration! I have pinned it for future viewings…I hope that is OK? Wishing you a wonderful joyous Christmas…with lots of quilting (that’s the joyous part!:o)

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