Kelli’s Quilt…The Drama Continues.

Yesterday I was telling you about Kelli’s quilt….
Here it is, out of the quilt machine and ready to bind.


How it FINALLY got quilted is a drama filled mess….Yesterday, I told you that Kelli unknowingly washed the top before it was quilted…BAD, BAD move.  It was a mess on the back of tangled threads, a couple seams raveled enough that the stitching came loose and it would not lay flat no matter how much stray starch we used.  Kelli tackled those problems and came home to work on the quilt.  It was so crooked that I didn’t have high hopes for the quilting to come out well.  Once again my Grand Pfaff with the Next Generation Frame that I use for quilting, started acting up.  Horribly acting up.  Kelli was expecting the quilting to take about three hours, but three hours into it, she was almost half done.  The thread was shredding.

I had this problem before.  I’ve had it into the shop TWICE.  I’ve replaced the stitch plate, the feed dog cover and the quilting foot.  I was told the thread was shredding near that area and all pieces needed to be replaced.  Well… $150 later it’s not working AGAIN!  I have quilted quilts over the last six months and honestly been quite frustrated each time as the machine just doesn’t work the way it originally did.

We were going about six inches and the thread would break…UGH!!!

We googled and looked and researched online.  We were doing everything that was mentioned.  No luck.

Finally out of complete desperation I called my husband and Kelli’s boyfriend, Jason, up to the quilting room.  (My secret plan was for my husband to see BOTH his wife and his daughter in about tears and to tell me to get a new machine)  After about 15 minutes the guys said, “try not running the thread through the thread through this thread guide”.  IT WORKED!!  I can’t believe it.

It ended up being time for Kelli to go, so I ended up finishing her quilt for her the next night.  I took about an hour to finish and I broke a thread ONE time-no shredding at all.  I can’t believe that running the thread through the thread guide could be the problem!!


I am in love with the quilt…TOTALLY in love.  When she first brought the finished top home, I liked it but I wondered if she didn’t loose something by using the softer light blues, greens and lavenders.  I wondered about the printed black fabric rather than the bold black that Miss Rosie used.  But…. OH….it just beautiful.  It totally has a feel of an old quilt that is well loved.  I wonder if the lighter colors make it almost seem faded….whatever it is, I want to make one!!

The pattern is Birdseye from Miss Rosie’s Quilt Company.

To top it off, Kelli made a bold decision to use RED thread when quilting it.


You can’t see it in the photo…but it looks great.

I would have never guessed it, but…this drama had a totally happy ending.  Now keep your fingers crossed that the machine will work next time…I’ll be working on my #6 UFO and if it goes like everything else has with that quilt-oh I don’t even want to think about it!

16 thoughts on “Kelli’s Quilt…The Drama Continues.”

  1. I’m so glad this has a happy ending.

    I don’t know what your machine thread guide is like, but could there be a burr or something that’s shredding the thread?

  2. Kelli’s quilt is beautiful and both of you did a wonderful job finishing it. When I first saw it, it reminded me of a treasure found a long time ago – my mom in law was using an old quilt as padding around a piece of furniture in storage (horrors!) It was rescued by the way :-)

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  4. The quilt is beautiful! She should be proud of herself (and you)! I was thinking the same thing as Tamara…there must be a burr or something catching the thread.

  5. I read on someone else’s blog in the last couple days that they had been having problems with thread and found out the thread was bad. Something to check out. Beautiful quilt.

  6. love the quilt – I too have a few of Miss Rosie’s patterns – just finished piecing one top ,hope to get it quilted soon. Hope I don’t run into your problems but will certainly keep them in mind. I also will keep in mind the red thread – thanks for sharing – Bobbie

  7. Are you talking about the top thread guide with the three holes in it? I only ever run my thread through on of those just as a guide because I found my thread broke a lot too when I ran it through two.

    The quilt is lovely!!

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