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At our old house, I was able to use the “dining room” as my sewing room.  You just had to walk through one small corner to get to the bathroom and there was a closet off of it, so it was perfect for storing my ever growing mass of “things.”  When we moved however, it quickly became apparent that the dining room wasn’t going to be able to be my sewing room.  It ends up with a lot more traffic through the middle of the room and there is a HUGE wonderful window on the one wall, so it leaves very little space for any cupboards or storage of my “things.”  We have however worked it out so that I can have a small sewing table in the dining room so that I can still sew downstairs.  I also have one cupboard to hold office/school supplies and a few projects that I am working on.

Upstairs, however, is another story.  There are 3 decent sized bedrooms with HUGE closets and then one smaller room that is kind of like a large glorified closet.  The only problem is that the ceiling is quite sloped.  Because of this, I don’t know how well we will be able to get shelving installed as there is only about of 4 feet of wall with full ceiling height.

After looking around a bit on our little Galena trip and looking through a lot of our pictures, I think that I am going to try and keep my eye out at auctions this summer and pick up a few of these…

Cupboard 1 (225x400)

Or maybe one of these…

Cupboard 2 (225x400)Or maybe I’ll be able to find a short one like this….

Cupboard 3 (400x225)

I really think that these would end up serving me better because I think I will like them so much more than the prescribed look or finish that I would get with industrial shelving.  The other thing is that if I decide I want to change the look, I can paint them or even move them around or into another room….The possibilities are just endless!  And that is perfect for me because I can’t make a decision to save my soul….So what are your thoughts?  Industrial shelving or primitive, wonderful, yummy, antiquey goodness….(I may be a bit biased….)

I think more than anything, I love to have a reason to go to auctions.  Finding a cupboard is just the goal I need!

9 thoughts on “Kelli’s New Sewing Room”

  1. Kelli, I love your state of mind, so refreshing for a young person. One thing to keep in mind — if you use wood pieces to store your fabric, you should separate it from the wood with an impermeable, non acidic product. Tinfoil is a lot less expensive than acid-free paper and is often used by museums. So glad you now have room to spread out!

  2. Just make it your own. After all you’re the one that will be spending time in it. You can also coat wood with polyurethane to keep your fabric safe. That’s what I did 12 years ago and I’ve had no problem. If you like antiques use them because you will enjoy it better. Have fun making it your room.

  3. Follow that enthusiasm and get to the auctions, paint store and make it uniquely yours! Hoping we get to see pictures eventually, Kelli.

  4. Kelli, 40 years ago I bought furniture with the current purpose in mind and the next possible use. Served me well then. About 15 years ago quilting came into my life and I used the what haves that were around but the quilt stuff was never in order. Now I want my stash where I can see it and those low cupboards would not be fun. I suggest you get one piece that works for most of the quilting stuff and use it…… and use the rest of the house for your can’t make a decision decorating. In time you will know more how things will suit you. But for now the quilt stuff will be in order and fun to use.

  5. I know you love antiques as much as your Mom and Dad do. I would go with the antiques and have fun with them. If you go to Kaaren’s blog at search sewing room and go through to see pictures of her sewing space, I think you will be inspired. Her home is wonderful and full of old things made new. Have fun!

  6. I’m a little biased too. I’d be going for the rusty, crusty, vintage, chippy paint, yummy, wonderful antique, vintage goodness. But it’s your space so do what makes you happy. Another thought. You can always cut the legs off buffets and hutches to make them short to fit in your short wall space.

  7. I have industrial but I love the look of the antiques! I don’t have to worry about wood interacting in a negative way with my fabrics, but the antiques are so much more interesting to look at and you can use them in other rooms if you want!

  8. You’re almost a “pro” with chalk paint – wait until those little cabinets make themselves known to you, and paint to your heart’s content! Do protect your fabrics though, the aluminum foil is excellent! Hope to see photos of your sewing room soon.

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