Kelli’s Latest Quilting Project

If you’re here from Moda Bake Shop…Welcome.  Read yesterday’s post to learn about a giveaway.

Our daughter, Kelli, was home over the weekend to work on her latest quilt, Birdseye by Miss Rosie’s Quilt Company.


I bought the pattern some time ago thinking I was going to make it but Kelli borrowed the pattern and got one made before I did.  Her quilt is WONDERFUL!   I am anxious for her to finish it so you can check out the whole quilt…I’m also anxious to start one of my own too!

As always, the quilt has a little drama to it.  It is her boyfriend’s Christmas present.  She had the top finished and planned to come home right before Christmas and quilt it….we had a snowstorm so she didn’t get home.  Jason ended up getting a quilt top for Christmas.

Then the quilt was sitting on a chair waiting to come to my house to be quilted and dog jumped on it and shedded hair on the quilt top.   Not knowing, Kelli washed the unquilted quilt top.  BAD move.  Even after ironing, it was virtually impossible to get it to lay flat.  String wadded up in the back side and had to be clipped then….a couple seams raveled and came loose.  UGH!

So last week when she came home to work on the quilt, I suggested she quilt her beach house quilt and iron and clip threads on her Birdseye at her house and come back the next weekend…that’s how her beach house quilt got quilted first.

It seems no quilt can make it through this house without some drama.

And the drama with the Birdseye quilt continues….but that story is going to wait until tomorrow…

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  1. I will certainly be tuning in for “the rest of the story”. Just purchased the yardage needed for this pattern last weekend. I’ve had the pattern nearly a year, and still really like it. Hope that you share the finished quilt!

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