Kelli’s Guest Post: A Ribbon Bouquet

This is a Guest Post from my daughter Kelli:
This past weekend, I was honored to be in a friend’s wedding, and it just so happened that my friend was marrying my boyfriend’s brother.  As a bridesmaid, I had lots of jobs, both big and small.  Planning a shower (and bachelorette party), trying on dresses, shopping trips for decorations, running here to pick up that, and running there because it was cheaper at the second store were just a few of the tasks that kept me busy before the big day.  All along though, the task that I was most looking forward to was making the bouquet for the rehearsal dinner.

What’s so special about making the bouquet for the rehearsal dinner you ask?  Well in the seven (yes, seven) weddings that I have been directly involved in by playing the role of bridesmaid, personal attendant, decorating coordinator, and general counsel, someone always goes to the showers and collects the ribbons from each of the presents.  Prior to the rehearsal, the person arranges them into a bouquet that the bride then uses as a stand-in for the real thing on the evening of the rehearsal.

When I went to the first shower, I decided that the person that makes the bouquet was going to be me.  As the bride-to-be was unwrapping her lovely gifts at her first shower, I kept grabbing all of the ribbons.  The first few times that I did it, she looked at me a little bit silly, the second time she rolled her eyes, and by about the fifth time, she just looked at me and asked me what in the world was I doing.  I just told her to get used to it because I would be stealing all of the ribbons from her showers and would be making her a wonderful bouquet that she could use at her wedding rehearsal.

Keeping in my true procrastination style, I decided to actually start making the bouquet the day before the rehearsal.  I collected all of the ribbons from the three showers that I had attended and grabbed my glue gun (gifted to me from my wonderful mother).  Because Rachel had three showers, she also had lots of ribbons.  I started out by sorting the ribbons into two piles.  One pile consisted of bows and the other consisted of draping type décor.  I started by hot gluing the bows to a paper plate.  About half way through, I realized that there was no way that I was going to fit all of the bows on one late.  I took another and cut it in half and glued it to the back of the original plate.  I ended up having to use a third plate to ad more area to the base that I was gluing the bows onto.  After I was pleased with the arrangement of the bows, I flipped the base over and started gluing the draping décor onto the bottom of the base so that when the bouquet would be carried, they would hang off of the bottom.

I finally used a fourth paper plate to make a handle which I wrapped in lime green tissue paper and secured with one of the leftover ribbons.  I then glued the handle to the bouquet to finish my masterpiece.

It was simple, easy and FUN!

6 thoughts on “Kelli’s Guest Post: A Ribbon Bouquet”

  1. Rock on Kelli – I had forgotton about this old tradition what with all the “new”. Beautiful bouquet, pretty bide. Good job.

  2. Kelli, what a wonderful tradition! I had never heard of it here on the East Coast. I wish you had also included a close up of the front of the bouquet after it was all finished, but you did great!

  3. What surprised me was how many weddings you have been involved in. My wedding 18 years ago didn’t have a rehearsal. I was a maid of honor in one small wedding of a friend. Other than that, I’ve never done anything. Never wore a silly dress, I’m not sure if I have ever been to a shower other than a few baby showers. I think the people I know got married later in life and already had a house full of stuff. The bouquet is fun and pretty though.

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