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When Bonnie Hunter’s quilt Garlic Knots was published, I knew it was a quilt that I wanted to make.  At the time though, I was in nursing school with little time for anything but studying and sleeping.  I was also in a bit of a quilting rut.  I hadn’t made anything for a while and knew that I when I was ready, I’d jump back in, but thought that something new and exciting might help me make the plunge back in.

Fast forward a bit and here I am!  Just before one of our local quilt stores closed up, Mom and I stopped by and they just so happened to have a really good sale on fabric.  Mom started picking out a few pretty batiks and before I knew it, I had a pile that was quickly reaching my own height.  I didn’t really know what I was going to do with them, but they all looked really pretty and I figured I’d find something to make with them.

Recently I was going through some things and happened to find them both the pattern and the fabric within a very short period of time, so batik Garlic Knots it is!

Garlic Knots 2 (300x400)

I spent the end of last week getting the blocks cut out.  Then, this weekend during our little mini quilt retreat, I got all of the blocks sewn.

Garlic Knots 1 (400x300)


So far, I’m really liking how the blocks are turning out.  It took a bit for me to realize that mixing the colors up a bit can actually make the quilt more interesting.  I’m learning that stepping out of my matchy poo-poo box is going to be a good thing!

Today, I finished up cutting out the sashing parts.  For a little bit I was contemplating doing a different sashing because this one is sashed in a way that requires the quilt to be laid out before getting sewn together.  After a bit of a push from Mom, I decided to just go for it and put it together with the peiced sashing.

I have a pretty busy rest of the week and weekend, but my goal is to update you with the completed middle by next week’s post–With any luck, I think it’ll be pretty possible!

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  1. Hmm, starting a new one is a way to jumpstart the quilting juices, I wonder if I should try that. . .WAIT! I have! It is how I end up with UFOs. . .HEE! HEE! LOVE yours and Garlic Knots is on my someday list.

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