Kelli’s Cross Stitch WIP Parade.

You might remember that some of my adult kiddos offered to write some blog posts for me while I was working through my cancer treatment. Today is my oldest daughter’s Kelli’s day. It just so happens that tomorrow is her birthday. She’s been with for 37 years now and has been my crafting, sewing, and stitching buddy all along.

She picked up cross stitch before I did…(before I came back to it) so I blame it all on her!! HA!

Today Kelli is sharing her Cross Stitch WIP Parade.

1.  This I know by Plum Street-I came up with my own thread conversion because I have never seen a peach or pink-colored church.  All of the churches I have memories of have been white.  I also wanted it to really pop so I chose linen that was a little darker so that the floss would pop.  I ended up using “Old Linen” by xjudesign in a 40 ct.  Also of note, I thought this was going to be big, but it is surprisingly small.  When I did a floss conversion, I just pulled a bunch of floss that I thought would look good on the fabric and have kind of made decisions as I went but can provide a floss conversion when I finish if interested.

2. Though He Seemeth Sleeping–I also started this on Mom’s birthday as a stitch-along.  I am trying something new on this pattern and have uploaded the pattern to my iPad and am stitching off of that.  I actually really like it because I can zoom in and out.  I also really like the border.  It has a nice repeat to it and you can see right away if you have stitched something wrong (not that I would ever stitch anything wrong of course).  The other thing I like about this pattern is that the multiple floss conversions are provided.  This allowed me to pull my floss based on the dyer and use up floss rather than having to go in and manually find something similar because I would have otherwise just bought new. I am using PTP Wren 40 ct fabric.

3.  Consider the Lilies by Heartstring Samplery–I had great intentions when I started this project that I was going to get it done in a year.  This is my progress since August with the intention of doing a page per month.  As you can see, that definitely has not continued.  I have however found a renewed interest in this after ironing it and seeing all the colors pop.  I think that the brick house kind of held me back for a bit, but I am now ready and rearing to go! I am stitching this on 40 ct Heartland by PTP.  Also of note, I sat down one weekend and hammered out the border, and was only one stitch off.  And no, I didn’t go back and find where it was.  I completely fudged it and if asked, I would do it the same way again.

4.  Maker and Mender–I really, really like this pattern, but as you can see, I need to do a little frogging to take my words out and restitch them in a darker floss.  I don’t recall what I am using for the fabric, but it seems like it’s just dark enough that the floss blends into the fabric and needs to be darker.  Mom recommended Woodtrail–She said that it works on about anything!  I think that once I get the floss figured out, I will be ready to hit this one hard too!  I always love how the Brenda Gervais patterns are colored.  It makes reading the pattern so much easier. Mom finished hers. You can see it HERE.

5.  The Beatitudes by Little House Needleworks–I started this stitch last year on my birthday.  This was my dad’s favorite bible verse, so my intention was to finish it on his birthday which was September 27th.  As you can see, that did not happen.  I got a little behind on the words and then just never got quite caught back up. I don’t necessarily mind doing words, but for some reason, these seemed harder.  I think that one reason was that not all the letters are the same each time.  One time an “L” might be 7 stitches high and the next it is 6.  This ended up leading to more ripping than I like, so my goal is just to go for September 27th this year and maybe aim for it to be an FFO rather than just finished being stitched.  I am stitching this one on 40 ct Vintage Country Mocha.

6.  Pandemic Sampler by Sarcy Girl–This is an absolute favorite of mine.  I found this on Instagram quite sometime ago as a free pattern and have loved it ever since.  It was designed by a gal who goes by “Sarcy Girl” on Instagram where she has it posted as a free pattern.  I absolutely love the color palatte that she chose and feel that it works wonderfully with the fabric I purchased from the Stitchery Nook at retreat last summer.  I am using 40 ct Seraphim Knight in Shining Armor, non opalescent, fabric.  I really like that it has an obvious blue/gray color to it but also has some hints of brownish mottling to it as well.  I look forward to stitching on more Seraphim in the future because it is wonderfully soft and pliable.  I also really like that the border for the pattern is so easily repeatable and doesn’t require much counting above 9, because I usually get distracted by then and have to go back and recount…. at least once.

7.  Vintage Birds by Jeanette Douglas–I am stitching this on a random piece of 40 ct fabric.  If I had to guess, I would say it is probably vintage country mocha, but cannot make any promises.  One thing I am really proud of on this piece is that I was quite intimidated by the Algerian eyelet stitches on the peacock, so made a plan that I would just do every other one as a specialty stitch, however, I ended up powering through and completing each one.  I also really like this pattern because of the font of the alphabet.  It is a little more fancy than others that I’ve done but not difficult at all.  I am using the called-for colors on this stitch. A blog reader sent the pattern to Mom and I snatched it before she could stitch it. I think she might stitch it once I’m done. Thanks for the pattern.

8.  Unicorn Chart by Scarlett Letter–This one is one of my favorites–And Georgia’s too!  This is the first full coverage piece that I’ve done and I love it.  I usually pick one night per week to stay up later and stitch and during that time, I usually stitch the outlines of things that have to be a little more precise.  During the week then, I work on the parts that require more in the way of shading or background fill-in.  I am stitching this on 40 ct Vintage Country Mocha with called-for colors.  I do have to say that I think this one will take a bit more time, but I’m really proud of how far I’ve come on it as well.  Every time I pull it out to work on it, Georgia reminds me that she is expecting it to be hers as soon as it is done….because it has a unicorn of course!

That is all the pieces that Kelli has started and is working on. My vote, not that she asked, is to power through and finish up the Vintage Birds Sampler. She’s so close to a finish!!

I love seeing what other people are stitching and working on. It’s one of the reasons I enjoy Instagram. There is so much inspiration (and temptation) there. Thanks so much Kelli for the blog post and Happy Birthday a day early!!

22 thoughts on “Kelli’s Cross Stitch WIP Parade.”

  1. I have the Jesus Loves Me pattern and somehow I never noticed the peach church. I’ll for sure be changing that. You’ve got some great pieces in the works. That full coverage piece is so pretty. Is Georgia old enough to place a few stitches, since it’s hers anyways lol?

  2. Happy Birthday Kelli! Your stitching is lovely and I’m amazed you find time with three little ones! Be sure to share all your finishes.

  3. Gorgeous work, Kelli! Thanks for sharing. I started Consider the Lilies and have also stalled out. I tend to bounce around the chart so it really doesn’t look like much on that big piece of linen. Have a happy birthday!

  4. Kelli, HAPPY BIRTHDAY . Thanks for sharing you cross stitch projects. They look lovely and intense. A great stress reliever for sure.

    Take care of your mom as I know all of you will.

  5. Happy birthday, Kelli! You are your mother’s daughter, lol. You have several pieces that you are working on like she has, and you do beautiful work stitching, also like she does. I do not know how you manage any time at all to stitch since you work and have children and a husband to care for. Keep up the good work and thank you for sharing.

  6. Happy Birthday Kelli! thank you for sharing your stitching projects with us all. All your projects are wonderful to see and to hear how you are making them your own.

  7. Happy Birthday, Kelli!
    I love all of the WIPs – I have This I Know kitted up, I too switched the Church color to white. Your full coverage piece is beautiful – Georgia will have great memories of you stitching all of her favorite animals. ❤️

  8. Happy Birthday Kellie. You are certainly your mother’s daughter with how talented, busy and organized you are with all that you do. You come from a very talented family. All of your siblings are so talented too.

  9. Happy birthday Kelli. A day late but blog was gibberish when I tried to open yesterday. That’s a lot of projects! Beautiful and amazing pieces. I haven’t cross stitched in years but when I did I only had one project going at a time. I hope you get Georgie’s piece done before she decides unicorns aren’t her favorite. She’s such a little cutie.

  10. Happy Birthday Kelli ♥️.
    Youre really coming along on the unicorn piece!
    I love seeing other stitchers’ WIPs. Thanks fir showing yours!

  11. Loved seeing Kelli’s projects. I have the chart This Is The Day, and have only drooled over it. It was going to be my New Year New Start, but when I pulled the colors for the church I drew to a quick halt, it’s really pink. Can’t wait to see what you finally do.

  12. Happy Birthday Kelli!! Ou do beautiful stitching! I love the different patterns you are working on. I hope this is a wonderful year for you. Hugs,

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