Kelli’s Chalk Paint Project


Kelli has been wanting to spruce up her house.  Now that they are married and got so many great wedding presents she feels like she can finally decorate….only problem…no money..UGH.  Remember she’s laid off?

One of the things she’s been wanting is a new entertainment center.  Something cleaner with a more modern look.  I suggested chalk paint and she wasn’t real excited.  Then I started showing her chalk painted things and she started warming up to the idea.  Next I was at Goodwill and suggested she buy this…well she finally caved in and bought it.

It has all the hardware..she just started taking it off before I yelled, “Take a before picture”!!

Well after two session of painting, she’s hooked.  She loves chalk painting and she isn’t even finished with it yet.

She is going for a red.  There happens to be two coats of Annie Sloan’s Emperor’s Silk on this…a little bright I know…but…


It’s awesome once the soft and dark wax are on it.  See the drawers have that already.


She is just loving the chalk painting and already I know there will be many more projects in her future.

The dresser was only $30 so in the end, it will be a very cheap entertainment center…now if we could just get a few more things finished so we can get back to chalk painting.

6 thoughts on “Kelli’s Chalk Paint Project”

  1. Really think you should say inexpensive rather than cheap. Your things always turn out so very professional. Keep up the trend.

  2. I’ve been reading about others using chalk paint, too, and am wondering what chalk paint is and where do you get it? It looks great.

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